Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woke up to a Hoar Frost

A Hoar Frost is when fog freezes. (3 degrees (-16C))  I love waking up to mornings like this. The world is a beautiful place and you just want to go OUTSIDE to take pictures. Of course I didn’t have time this morning as I had to get everyone ready for church but on a hunch, I grabbed my camera on the way out and managed to get some great pictures on our way to church. (around 10:30am)  Keep in mind that all these pictures were taken out through the front of the van. Can I just say my camera is awesome?? Can’t tell there is a windshield there!
    Cemetery The entrance to the Cemetery. Is it weird to say the cemetery has never looked so more beautiful?

churchgoing Frosted woods on the side of the road.

churchroad The road that leads right to church.

4 1/2 hrs later!
wayhome Going home. This is the same woods as the middle picture above but at 3:00 in the afternoon!

wayhome1 Stopped on the road above to shoot off to the side where the barn stands with the second set of ‘woods’.

wayhome3 A straight shot down the road with the ‘woods’ on either side. Barn is just off to the left of this picture.

wayhome2  Close up of the “woods”.

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Dawn said...

love the barn picture!! you got some beautiful shots!

Kathleen said...

Your pictures are breath taking! Thank you for posting them.

Denise Marzec said...

WOWWWW, what gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

love the hoar frost. we, too, in the Dayton, OH area had that frost on sunday morning and made the drive to church just breathtaking. of course, we had no camera with us. where about it OH do you live.