Sunday, August 16, 2009

New look, 1st place Llama and a Castle Cake

Were you wondering where you were at for a moment? Do you like it? I gave my blog a MAKEOVER all by myself! Well I did have some help from Shabby Blogs where all the backgrounds, buttons, dividers etc are FREE!! If you jazz up your blog using her stuff, drop me a line so I can check out your makeover. I had so much fun doing mine, I might have to give it a makeover every other month! lol

1st place Llama

Remember me telling you my girls were in 4-H this year and that my oldest took llamas? She took 1st place in Jr Showmanship and also took Junior Champion! Here she is with Freddie and her winnings:CarmFreddieTrophy2-web

Not only did she walk away with those titles, but she also made the front page of the news paper for the county over and the article was also online which you can read here. This is the picture that was in the paper, it was taken during Jr Showmanship.
It’s hard to believe she is only 13 as she looks so much older in these pictures! My baby is growing into a fine young woman! And as for Freddie, he is going to another home this week as he was sold to be a guard llama. We figured he wanted to leave the farm with a “bang” and he did! We’ll miss you, Freddie Falcon!

Castle Cake

So last week I was asked if I could make a “princess” castle cake for a little girl turning 4. Now I had made one way back in my early cake stages so I went with the same idea but tweaked it some.

This is a 2 layer 10 inch round cake. Cones were iced with only the sugar cones being rolled in pink sugar. Windows go all around. Edible glitter was sprinkled on. $30.00



Karen said...

I like the new look of your blog Amber. very nice

Stampinsilvia said...

Ohhhh congrats to your little girl!!! And your right, she does look older than out for the boys!!!

YOur cake is sooo bautiful!!! It looks fab and well worth the $30!!!

Karen said...

Your new blog style looks fantastic, Amber!

And CONGRATS to your girl! My Dad and his wife ranch alpacas and there is a llama in each of their I guess...that's a guard llama?? I can't remember the female llama's name, but the male's is Stony and it was fun to watch him last time we were out there visiting.

I dare not show my own little Princess that cake o' yours....she'd be in Princess heaven!! It looks beautiful! :>

Volunteering abroad said...

She is very beautiful. She looks like a fine young woman. You must be really proud of her.