Friday, September 5, 2008

Entertainment books

This isn't something I would normally do but wanted to pass this on to my US and Canada friends incase someone out there is interested. It is that time of year where the kids bring home Fundraisers to sell and earn money for their school. Well this year our school decided to sell Entertainment Books.

Don't know what an Entertainment book is? It is a book of great selection of money-saving deals that you can use at restuarants (usually buy one get one meal free), hotels, drycleaners, grocery stores, sporting events, movies and so forth. In Ohio, the Dayton book has a coupon for LaComedia which pays for the book itself as the coupon is one complimentary Adult dinner theatre package when a second Adult dinner theatre package is purchased.. up to $69.00 value!! (If you have never been to LaComedia.. I highly recommend it. The food is sooo yummy and the shows that are put on.... I can't wait to go back.)

If you would be interested in buying an Entertainment book and helping support our school, please go to and enter the account number 931787 so that our school, Graham Elementary, gets credit. You will also have to choose a student to give 'credit' to (they get prizes for so many sold) which would be one of my children, either Benjamin Hillman (he just started Kindergarten) or Allison Hillman (4th grade). Deadline for ordering one using the account number is Sept. 8th.

Thank you.


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