Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!!


So I get this email yesterday from my good friend, Kyla, with the subject of “My Mouth is Watering”. What was she sending me??? What was I going to have to bake now??

How about Cinnamon Roll Pancakes??!!! OMG!!!  Here are some pictures of my breakfast this morning! Please don’t lean too close to the screen as drool is not good for your keyboard! Smile

Here we have the cinnamon mixture just added to the pancake.


Cinnamon mixture is baking into the pancake.


Cinnamon Pancake all done….. wait it is missing something still!!


You have to have Cream Cheese “syrup” on them!!


That first bite!!


Okay, so you are probably going “Amber, WHERE is the recipe?!??!!” Well you can find it here at Recipe Girl. Side note, I doubled my batter recipe but left the filling and icing the same as hers. Even then I still had filling leftover! So whatever you do DON’T double the filling recipe!!! lol



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Dawn said...

yours turned out much prettier than mine... oh-so-yummy!!!

Michelle VP said...

Oh, wow, these look delicious! And combine my older son's two favorite foods, haha. I am so going to have to try making these. :)