Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday to my dad!


Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. The kids are throwing him a dinner since my mom is still out on her wild travels. She went out to LA for CHA and couldn’t get back because of the weather we had. Her brother lives in Montana and twisted (I’m sure it took a lot Winking smile ) her arm to fly out there till she could get home. She hasn’t seen him for 7 yrs. nor has she been to Montana. We have no clue when we shall ever see her again. LOL (good for me cause I can go use her stamping supplies… bad for my dad/brother as they have to cook their own food!! LOL)

So back to my dad.. us kids are throwing him a dinner and of course I was asked to make his cake. I’m calling it Chocolate Overload because it is Devils Food cake filled with chocolate mousse, iced with Extra Special Chocolate Buttercream (it’s called extra special cause it has a whole cup of whipping cream in it!) and garnished with chocolate shavings and chocolate thingies.


I had enough batter left over that I made cupcakes and filled them with the mousse. These will be for the kids (all 9 of them!).

But a birthday isn’t complete without a card so I whipped this card up real fast. (I’m saying real fast cause we need to be leaving!! eekk I’m not even ready!)

I used Our Craft Lounge’s The Tribe. Colored with copics and cut him and the sign out. Put in a cloud background and did a little blender on tissue to the ground. This is today’s Try New Technique 311 – Sliding Pop Up Card and directions can be found here.


Close up of the little guy.

And I couldn’t go without sharing one more picture of the cake! Enjoy!!


          Thanks for stopping by,
               I’ve gotta run!!



Dawn said...

Yum!! Put a piece in the freezer for ME!!!
cute card too!!

and I have been to MT before...long ago!

Chris said...

OMG!!! You can make a cake for me any day. come on over!

AShu93 said...

I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at that cake. Wow, does it look incredible! Hope it tasted that good.

Very funny about your mom too.