Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Cake Pops


This is my second post for today, scroll down for my Paper Cupcake post.

Happy Labor Day! What are your plans for today? We are headed to our annual picnic at our church. There will be food and then races/games for the kids afterwards and of course a barrel train ride for everyone!

I decided to try my hand at making Cake Pops for today. cakepop1 They were actually pretty easy. We (Allie, my 11 yr old, helped me shape them) used a Funfetti cake mix and cream cheese frosting for the ball. Since this was my first time making them, it was some trial and error. In the recipe it says to freeze them when you attach the sticks. Well I decided I would refrigerate instead… nada  Doesn’t work well. I had at least 9 oppise cake pops! (of course the family didn’t care as they got to eat those! lol) You have to FREEZE them so they don’t fall off the sticks when dipping them in the chocolate! LOL  Now I know for next time! 

After dipping them in the white chocolate, we sprinkled them with red and blue sugar and left some plain.  To display them, I bought a Styrofoam cone shape and stuck the “suckers” into to make a sucker tree!


Want to see some awesome Cake Pops? Then check out Bakerella as she is the one that inspired me to make Cake Pops. Check back at the end of the week as I am making them again for my son’s birthday treat for his class but plan on shaping them. Keep your fingers crossed they turn out! lol

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Starla said...

Yep.....Erma is going to have to give these a go!! (thanks for the warning that freezing works best!)