Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stampaway 2010 & Tim Hotlz

This weekend was Stampaway USA that mom and I go to every year. This year was a little different for us as we met up with Our Daily Bread as mom was going to be demoing for them as she is on their Design Team. So we got to go on the Friday night too which is the Preview Party, only 500 tickets sold...and those were sold out early!! These ladies mean business as they are lined up early and it was so muggy out too!

So while mom demo’d at the booth Friday night, I was free to walk around and see what was what, do make ‘n takes and just hang out. Well imagine my surprise when I saw this person (who I've seen before at CHA) demoing:

DSCF0302a  Yes, ladies… Tim Holtz was at little ‘ole Stampaway! Of course I had to text my best internet buddy Starla and tell her as she is a die hard fan. Needless to say she didn’t like me to much right then or the rest of the weekend as far as that goes! LOL  I became a ‘groupie’ for her that weekend. Texting back and forth telling her what he had just demo’d etc.

Of course there were a handful of gals that were all gaga over him. Not as crazy as CHA (at least I didn’t think so) but still a few good laughs. And if you are reading this, you know who you are, girls!  What can I say?  This pair was my favorite, I never did learn their names but they are big big Tim fans. Poor things, one wanted a picture so bad with Tim but wasn’t getting up there so her friend just blurts right out “Mr.Holtz, I’m tired, my feet hurt, I want to go home but my friend won’t leave until she gets her picture taken with you so can she?” Of course that just made her friend about die and I was cracking up. I so wish I had whipped out my camera to take a picture of them. But they do have my card so hopefully they’ll stop by my blog and leave me their names. *waves hi to the stalker girls* Of course they had him sign their stamps they had bought too.

And I did get to talk to him when the crowd thinned out. Of course I’m not above dropping names to get noticed so I had to mention that I “work” for a good friend of his… Joy Kennedy, owner of Our Craft Lounge ;) Of course he had nothing but the best to say about her.

Now this was just Friday night! What was I suppose to do Saturday at Stampaway? Walk the floor some more, make some more purchases and talk to old friends. And of course go back and see if Tim demonstrated anything else that I hadn’t seen before. And text Starla and drive her crazy that I was within touching distance of him and she wasn’t. And of course she hated me until she saw this:


Yes, I bought Tim’s book and had him autograph it just for her!

And then I went shopping for myself at other booths:

Of course I had to buy my Christmas stamp from Northwoods and you always get some kind of freebie just for going through their booth. This year it was brads and when you check out you get to pick out a little stamp too! The Spellbinders were from another booth were it was buy one get one free! Had to get some white FlowerSoft from ODB, shake it pouches from Impression Obsession and a reinker for my Adirondack pad, white gel pen & ATG tape from Gary Burlin.  And I did the cool snowman shrinky dinky make ‘n take at Darcie’s.

I did spend a bit of time at Heartfelt Creations as it was their first year at the show and they had amazing stamps/artwork. I didn’t buy anything as I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted but you can bet they are on my wish list.

At 1pm I had to work the Verse’s booth as I had emailed saying I could help where ever they needed help at the convention. Mom snuck up and got a picture of me demoing the Bow Easy.


I worked till close and then helped them take the booth down.  About 20 mins or so before the show was over, I went downstairs and got mom and we came back upstairs to get our pictures taken with Tim. (Now this is how I know there wasn’t a bunch of star struck ladies there as his area was like empty of ladies! lol)  

So here we are at the end of a long day and he is still smiling.


And then to make Starla happy, Tim also took his picture with her:


And that was my weekend at Stampaway, buying goodies, meeting up with old friends, making new ones and ‘hanging’ out with Tim (k, at Tim’s table).

        Thanks for stopping by!



Taylor said...

How fun!! I *love* Tim Holtz - you are so lucky you got to meet him!!!!

Kimme said...

So cute that you and Starla wore matching outfits ;) I can't believe I was soooo close and still sooo far away :( Next time I'll plan better. And you are still a BRAT!

Axa said...

awww, looks like you had fun!

Dawn said...

aww, SHUCKS!! I missed meeting STARLA??!!! bwahahahahahaha

Starla said...

ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...this is too funny!! I'm laughing so hard I can't even come up with my usual snarky replies!! BWHHAAAAAAa

Roxie said...

Very nice photos Amber, you take better ones than I do!!! How fun to meet Tim Holtz, my SIL saw him in May, I didn't make that show.
Looks like you found some nice goodies, Polar White Flower Soft was one of my purchases frou our show too!

Joy said...

LOL! Too cute Amber! Glad you got a chance to talk to Tim! :) (and good to know he said nice things. If not, I'd have to kick him. LOL!) Wish I was there!

Heather McNally and Melissa MacDonald said...

Great pics - and sure sounds like fun, fun, fun!!!

Pamela Levingston said...

It was good to see you Amber. I miss those days at Monsi's house!