Friday, August 13, 2010

Heat, Snow cones, Cotton Candy, Rides, Llamas…

It must be Champaign County FAIR time!! All week long our fair has been going on. We went Sunday to watch the crowning of the queen and the pig/calf scramble. I always knew we had the largest fair in the state of Ohio but it was just reconfirmed that night by these numbers: 1,598 4H and FFA kids! 2,500 head of livestock...and that includes 9 LLAMAS!!! (a little over 800 of that number was hogs! )

Yesterday I took the kids as my oldest, Carmen, was showing one of those 9 llamas. The little kids got to ride some rides before the show.

DSCF0222 DSCF0205 DSCF0207 DSCF0213

And then it was over to the show barn with some cotton candy and snow cones to eat while we watched Carmen.

Carmen during Showmanship. She got 2nd place.  DSCF0240 

Jorden trying to keep cool during the show.
And then there was Obstacle. Here she is trying to get Shadow to back up.DSCF0257

And another obstacle of getting the llama to walk over the brushes while the bubbles are blowing across. Shadow did it with no problem while some the llamas were freaked out. DSCF0259

Carmen won 1st place in Obstacle!! woo hoo  Here she is with her llama and the Clark County Fair Llama/Alpaca Ambassador.

And here is the entire Llama club (with Clark County Fair Llama/Alpaca Ambassador):

And then it was back to rides for just a little bit before we left.


Right before we left, the kids had to jump on the tractors like they do every year. You’d be surprised how many people sit on these things even though half the county owns one type or another! lol What can I say? We love our tractors!




Well I hope you enjoyed a look into our day yesterday.  

Today mom and I are off on our annual trip to StampawayUSA tonight and tomorrow for some shopping and make n takes Plus I’m working in the Verses booth on Saturday. If you happen to be there, stop by and say hi!

         Thanks for stopping by!