Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day

Well it is that time of year again. Teacher Appreciation day. Actually it’s “celebrated” all week long. But for our school, we were celebrating it today. PTO was kind enough to have lunch catered for the entire staff. They asked for volunteers for desserts and of course I had to open my mouth and say I’d make a cupcake cake! lol

Took no time at all to make the cupcakes yesterday and the icing. Since I wasn’t doing a transfer, I took my time decorating it. So much time that when I wanted to do it a little after 8 last night… a major storm blew in and the tornado sirens went off!! Here are a few pictures I captured. Wish I had my camera when the storm was rolling in as the sky was just awesome!

Storm rolling in. The best part was over top of us.. a shelf cloud.
stormoverhead2 Barley a few seconds from the last picture taken! Storm is right over head.

 stormoverhead  The storm is right over us! I didn’t alter this picture at all in Photoshop. It literally turned that dark that fast! 

During the storm. Yes, I was one of those that was standing outside in hopes of spotting a funnel cloud. We were at our neighbors (cause of they have a basement) and she thought that the cloud close to the tree looked like it could become a funnel cloud.

Storm lasted about an hour and the sirens went off for at least 30 mins. There was reports of funnel clouds spotted in the area but none touched down.

So that was my evening! Came back home to finally finish the cupcake cake. And here is how it turned out:

I goggled for a teacher appreciation quote and found the one above.


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