Friday, March 26, 2010

Booggitty, Booggitty.. Let’s go RACING, Boys!!


Did you know HELMAR is a great tool for a PineWood Derby car?? Stay tuned to read all about it.

Benjamin joined Cub Scouts beginning of the school year. He has enjoyed all the fun things that a Scout does from camping, to food drives to probably the best of all the PineWood Derby. Last week was his PineWood Derby. Since I always have my camera, I was given a “Press Badge” and allowed into the “pits” to take the “official” pictures. I took over 65 but won’t bore you with all of them. Instead I’m only showing you MY boy’s car/races/wins and work.

Let’s start with the design of the car. Benjamin picked it out himself and with some help from daddy, it took shape. He also picked the colors and where it would be colored. Of course daddy had to jump in an help as he never had a PineWood Derby himself. (Reminded me of Down & Derby. A great clean family movie)


Now to the Helmar part…. They had to add weight to the car to make it be the fastest, right? Most of the weights were screwed in but some weight was needed on the back end. So hubby asks me if I have any glue that would adhere to wood. I look at him kind of stupidly because sitting right behind me is all my Helmar glue! (I think he forgot I was on their Design Team and had been working with their glue the week before!) So I handed him a bottle of Helmar 450 and off he went to glue on the weights!


Now it’s onto the race!  Remember these are all of Ben’s car. The car that is in the lead in the pictures is his. He won his 1st heats but came in second in the 2nd heats.  The top left picture, are his fans, his cousins and Jorden.


Each boy got an award. And this was Benjamin’s:


I have to add this picture in of all the cars. The boys did a great job on designing them. I think my favorite was the Hot Dog car!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures and another way to use Helmar 450!

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Dawn said...

way too much fun!!

marcibun said...

That's so cool - what a fun use of the glue ;) said...

LOVE IT!!! We had so much fun at the Pinewood Derbys when my boys were cub scouts!!!

Derby Monkey said...

Congrats to Ben. Those are some super cool looking Pinewood Derby cars! I'll bet you're really proud of him.

Denise Marzec said...

Okay, now you KNOW that your post title totally got my attention, right? ;) Hehe! Great pics...they did a great job with the cars!