Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little behind Day 13: Collage & Brush

4-H has taken control the last few days and I simply haven’t had the time to post the last and final class of the Jessica Sprague Photoshop class that ended on Saturday. (well there was one more ‘class’ on Sunday but again it was a check quiz and I just don’t do quizzes ;) )  Now I know some of you are upset that you missed out on taking this class but she does offer some free classes at her site if you look in the “Free stuff” link on the side. When things slow down for me, I will be going back and doing those sessions. So on to Day 13.

Day 13: Collage & Brush – 9 panel collage and adding brush to it

9 pictures in one? wow, I had no clue what I was going to use until hubby got home from the Dayton Air Show with 455 pictures! Yes, he took 455 pictures! All different angles, close ups, etc. They had Chalet seats that were right on the flight line so he was able to get some good pictures of one plane as it got ready to take off. Even got a picture of the pilot waving at them! How cool is that. Anyways after I saw all the pictures, I got excited to do the class.

This collage is all of one plane! Remember all those angles, close ups I said my husband took? Here are just a few. I didn’t crop anything out, I used the pictures as is! See the pilot waving/saluting? Too cool, so jealous I didn’t get to go!  I muted my brush so it wouldn’t be just a strong over powering white.


The bonus challenge for the class was to change the picture to sepia or black and white and then bring back color to just one square. I love how this turned out.

I love this one of the boys.The top corner is my husband and Benjamin while the bottom corner is the father and son that went along.  I changed the background color to black which made the white brushes noticeable on the edges. I used a grunge brush from Obsidian Dawn as I wanted more of a ‘masculine’ look than the brush above.Day13C 
Well I hope you enjoyed my journey through the class. I can’t wait for life to slow down some so I can go back and do more pictures. I am now picture craze taking my camera with me where ever I go and taking shots of everything and anything. Thank goodness for digitals!! lol

Tomorrow is our last day of judging and I can’t wait to show you the projects Allie has been working on. They are turning out really cute.

And a warning for the faint hearted… I AM STAMPING TODAY so the next post later on will actually feature a card or two!!  *gasp*  So I just wanted to forewarn you so you don’t have a heart attack when you see an actual card up! It has been ages since I have stamped (or feels like it) sure hope I remember how ;)


Debbie Corbari said...

WOW! These pics are FABULOUS!