Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 10, 11 & 12…. Lots of pictures to catch up on!

This is going to be a long post. Still busy working on 4-H projects.. it’s only my 9 yr old with “projects” but she is also my slow one so it’s taking a little time! But they are coming along great and I can’t wait to show her/them off when all done.

Well Jessica’s class is almost over. It has been so much fun but addicting as all I want to do is go out and take pictures to play with now! lol  So without delay.. onto the last three classes… Day 10, 11 and 12.

Day 10: Start-to-Finish (your own clipping mask, adding textures, adding a text overlay, some type and an edge burn)

Two textures on top of Benjamin, my one wording (in white). Old picture of Benjamin.
day10aproject copy

Day 11: Selective Recoloring

Turned the photo to black & white and then brought back the color in one spot. Had to add more wordart (changed the color of it too).

Emily, one of Carmen’s friend, took this picture when she stayed the night and the girls went out walking the town. She used my camera. Turned the word art to white.Day11flowers
Love this picture I took of Jorden one day when I was doing a photo shoot with her. I miss my little chubby baby!! Ger thought I should have colored her eyes since my saying says Angel eyes.
Day11Jorden 255
I just love this picture of Carmen with Jorden and her niece, Leah. Another one of Carmen’s friends took this at church after a luncheon. And yes, Carmen’s shirt does say “if you think i’m crazy, you should see my mother” and it was actually me that showed it to her to buy!! Yup, i’m crazy!! lol

Day 12: Storyboards

These was a few years ago when our sidewalk was redone. The guys were so great in letting Benjamin help lay the soil. He loved it. What boy wouldn’t!day12Benstoryboard
Tried adding a mask to the middle picture.. don’t know how i did it but i did do it!! hehe I’m so proud of myself.
K, so since I managed to do the mask above… I wanted to try something completely different. So I found these masks on the net and came up with this Storyboard.


K, one last one from a class a few days ago. I lifted it from a school friend’s album as it was such a beautiful picture and I could just picture (hahaha no pun intended) word art on it.



Sharie said...

Love your techniques on the pictures!! On the top one you might want to mask the texture off his face and arms, and leave the rest of the photo textured.
Isn't this fun?! Got to try to play catch-up today!

Starla said...

Sigh....have I mentioned that I wish I had taken this class?

Heather McNally and Melissa MacDonald said...

WOW Amber! Your photo work is incredible!!

Teresa Kline said...


I am luvin the photo make overs.....I went back to the beginning and saw that you have been taking an online photo class, I am so upset I did not get in on it. I want to learn so much more about digital photography and re-doing pictures. I do not have any type of photo program though, I have been wanting photoshop. I went to the website and bookmarked that page. I hope they offer this again. If you have any other info please let me know.

thanks and hugs,