Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 8 & Day 9: Type and Edge Burn

Yes, I’m missing Day 7 but it was a check quiz and I didn’t take it. shhh don’t tell the teacher!! lol

Day 8 we learned out to add our own type to the picture. I took a picture from a few years ago when our storytime took a field trip to the Apple Orchard. I changed my photo to black and white and then brought some of the color back. I did this by using one of Jessica’s FREE classes that is open to everyone. You can find it here. I also added a frame around it from day 6 (TTV).

My type might be a little hard to read but I just couldn’t get it any stronger and I had things to do yesterday that I just couldn’t spend all day on it (even though i wanted to!). It says “A is for apple”


Day 9 (which is today) is Burned Edges which is a subtle darkening on photo edges that is a subtle way to pull a viewer's eye toward the middle focal area of your photo.

This was taken a few years ago when we had family pictures taken. It’s hard to tell that I ‘burned the edges” but I did. Of  course I had to add some word art which came from Elegant WordArt.day9AllieChrissy3

I decided to try it with a picture that i turned black and white. Here is how the picture looks before I added any burned edges:BWJ&L frontsteps closeup1905 copy

And here it is with burned edges and type. I tried to make the faces more the focal point.

day9J&L frontsteps closeup1905

Can you see the difference? These two are best buds which is good since they are cousins! I love it when they have just seen each other the night before and then see each other the next day, they are running towards each other holler the other’s name and give each other hugs. Mom took this picture the other day. So in this picture they are both 3 but Leah (on left) turned 4 a few days after.

Today is busy with 4-H projects. Judging is next week and we are just now starting! I have never been this late before on projects for 4-H!