Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 4: Clipping Masks

I hope you’ve been enjoying my pictures lately. I’m having fun dressing them up. It’s that word art that gets me. If you are in need of some word art, I suggest checking out Bethany at Elegant Word Art, she has tons of word art and it’s all free to download. I don’t think I've even downloaded half of her word art yet!

Today’s class was on masks. I’ve been waiting for this one and wasn’t disappointed. I can see myself using this technique on all my pictures. Especially the grunge look. So without any delay..

Added a grunge mask that was given to us in the class.
Found a heart mask (it was made by Bethany but don’t think it’s on her blog) one day when I was looking for word art. Changed the background color to the pink. The top of the heart is cut off because my picture wasn’t tall enough to fit it all on. But I still love it.

Now I was able to do a few more hand tinted photos last night for yesterday’s class. Of  course I probably spent half the time at Bethany’s Word Art blog downloading word art first.

Tinted the picture and then made us pop a little more with color. Changed the color of the word art and added the frame.

Did the first two steps of the hand tinted class but couldn’t bring myself to add any color back in. Another word art from Bethany’s. Think this is my favorite one from yesterday’s class. This was taken last year at Hocking Hills when we were on our mini vacation.
Once again thank you for looking. I know I haven’t had any cards to show lately. Am working on a big project that I hope to be able to show you soon. I’d probably have it done already if I wasn’t spending so much time “playing” with my pictures! lol 

Today is zucchini bread day. I have a 7.5 zucchini waiting to be shredded so check back tomorrow for those pictures. Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrows class works well with the pictures! (see I'm obsessed!!)

If you are taking this class too, let me know where your photos are so I can see what you are doing.


Unknown said...

Awesome projects Amber! I've been adding mine to the sprague gallery cause I don't blog my kids.--- I'm a little crazy about privacy issues! LOL!