Friday, June 26, 2009

Sneak Peak of SU Decor Elements

In looking through the Fall-Winter ‘09 Definitely Decorative catalog, I spotted something that I knew Carmen, my 13 yr old would love and that I could preorder. A decor element that was designed to embellish your laptop lid! (It also adds flair to walls, frames and more) I let her pick what color she liked. Well it came today and I put it on while she was gone. I took pictures as I went so you can see how easy it is to apply one of these to your laptop lid.

Upsy Daisies decor right out of it’s packaging.
Rub on the grid side of the decor with a decor elements applicator (or in my case, Pampered Chef scrap for stoneware.) Peel the grid section off carefully starting in the corner. If the image doesn’t transfer to the other sheet, rub some more.
Lay onto laptop lid and rub on using applicator. This still has the transfer sheet on top of it.

After rubbing it on, very carefully peel off the transfer paper starting in the corner again. If for some reason it doesn’t want to transfer, rub some more.

The finished product!

Carmen loves it. At first she thought someone had spilled paint on her laptop as we have been painting rooms! I got "Pretty In Pink" Upsy Daisies for my laptop but it will be awhile before I get to put mine on as my laptop needs some work done. :(

If you like this decor and would like to see what is in the catalog, I would love to show you during a workshop. I will also bring this to any of the workshops I do so you can see what this looks like in person.