Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make 'n Takes from CHA pt1

Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you feel like drinking) and take a seat as it may be a long read today. I have tons of pictures to show of the different make 'n takes that I did at CHA that I may have to break this up into two different posts! So are you ready?

Let's start with Provo Craft. Awesome, awesome, awesome make 'n takes. So awesome in fact that you had to wait almost an hour in line to do one. I managed to hit the lines when they were short so I usually waited only 30 mins. They had two different stations up and each day they were both doing something different.

I did this frame on Friday. Didn't finish it all as there was way too much to glue down so i stuffed it all in my bag and went onto another booth. You'll never guess where I finished it!*

I had to do this one on Saturday as it wouldn't be fair to go home to my son without a frame for him...and being CARS...well, you get the idea. This time I glued all the pieces together at the Provo Craft booth, just didn't put them on the frame as they were too wet still. I had to add in the road lines myself because they didn't get to that part. The lady said why but I was a little too far back in the line to hear why all the frames didn't get the lines.

You just never know who you are going to run into at CHA. Elmo was in the Provo Craft booth so I had to get a picture for my little one who loves Elmo. (this is a picture of the picture as they took it for you and put it in a little paper frame) She has been carrying around the picture since I got home saying "mommy, Elmo". Provo Craft also had drawings every hour on the hour for Circuts and cartridges etc... did I ever win?? NO!! :(

I managed to hit the Fiskar booth on Friday when the line was short for a pair of limited edition Li'L Davis Designs scissors! The tag has the signatures of the creator and I also got my picture taken with them. Unfortunately it isn't that good of a picture so you will not be seeing it unless I do a scrap page with the tag and picture. You never know.

Here is the make 'n take that Lisa Johnson was demoing. I got to use HER set to stamp on the bag. (and darn it, now i want it!!) We used DecoFabric markers by Marvy to color in the images and Puffy Velvet Fabric markers (when heated) to outline (or at least I did) the images. Notice I double stamped the one flower, wonder where I learned that? lol (Lisa's blog in case you were interested)

Got to play with one of the new dies coming out from Spellbinders. So fun and pretty. Can't wait for mom to get it so i can go make some more sunflowers!

Covered this little booklet. The interesting thing was they had us bind the book. How? Don't ask me, all i know is we had to set the binding edge on a magnetic strip that just held the book and in 90 seconds the pages were bind. And silly me forgot to get a business card and so far I can't find them on the web so if you went to their booth and have a web addy, please let me know. I also got a Princess jewelry box from them that i brought home for Allie to put together. Once she has it together, I will post that too.

This little frame was the second funnest booth! Why you may ask. Well Mike that was working that day had made a frame too right before mom and I got there. So we were giving him a hard time about the flowers etc. Than we only had to add on the flowers and Sue wanted to go to lunch so she left Mike in charge. So we had fun ribbing him but believe me, he could dish it back out. Lots of laughs at that booth.
*I finished the frame in the car on the way home! No, I didn't take any stamping supplies with me so how was i able to finish it? I used a great product that called Acid Free glue from Helmar that we had been given samples of. But all of that will be in Part 2 of the Make 'n Takes from CHA!


Anonymous said...

Some great make and takes!! ok...where are the rest of the uploads???

Laura said...

Fun, fun. I got a pair of scissors, but missed the other things you are showing. I had to ship my make and takes back so I can't show them yet:( BLBLBLBLB

Neva said...

Looks like you had a great time and came back with some great goodies too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You hit some fabulous make & takes, Amber! I think I might have spent too much time ***gasp**** "talking"! eeeeek!

It was delightful to meet you! What a sweet treat!! Hopefully, I'll get another Amber (((hug))) next year! Thank you, thank you!!


Michele Kovack said...

Great pics!!! Wish I had run into you there!