Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Make 'n Take CHA pt2

I'm back with part two of the make 'n takes I did. So go grab another cup of coffee and sit back.

Make 'n Take that mom and I did. Loving these plastic see through paint cans. So many possibilities. And we even got a can opener to go with our cans.

A display in the Stampendous booth.

Taylor demoing at the JustRite booth. Can you guess what we got to eat after we were done with our card? a Cupcake!!

Cupcake card that we made at the JustRite booth.

Cupcake card open.

Of all the make 'n takes, the following was the funniest one. And no it didn't have anything to do with the Boss man having an yummy Aussie accent!! ;)

This is Tracy. We were in her last class of the day. She was in the Aussie booth of Helmar products(awesome stuff). Right before our class, she was interviewed and filmed by Making Memories magazine! The film crew even filmed the start of her class which of course we were in! How exciting is that?! And since we made Tracy look good for her segment she gave us a few of the products that we worked with. Thank you, Tracy!

Aussie Bush Tucker book using different adhesives from Helmar. We used Liquid Scrap Dots to adhere the bottle cap. (I actually did mine at home as the Scrap Dots take a little time to do dry and I didn't want to squish it in my bag at CHA.) 450 Stainless Adhesive on the burlap and the material circles.

Used Gemston glue to glue down the glass stone. Gemston glue dries CLEAR with no cloudy residue. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Pocket inside the booklet holding cards on Lemon Myrtle, Witjuti Grub and Honey Ant. The boss man sprayed V2 Vellum adhesive on the pictures and we just stuck them straight on to the cardstock. (of course we made him say something when he handed us the cards just to hear him talk!) The stuff was Awesome!! Gemstone glue was used to adhere the beads down.

Two tags in the "side pocket" of the booklet. One of the tags does use Vellum and you can't see the V2 Vellum adhesive at all!
More still to come as I have more pictures of the SCS cupcake reception and a few make 'n takes that I forgot I had.


Debbie Olson said...

Wow! I can see that I missed some things at the show! I especially love your Helmar book--very cool M and T!

Anonymous said...

Love the tag book!