Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home from CHA

We (mom and I) made it back from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show) early, early, early this morning!! I should be tired but I think I'm still floating on all the talent I met and saw and got to do!

Nice rainy Saturday picture of the Convention Center from the parking garage before heading in for a fun filled day.

Carolyn King and I at the SCS Cupcake Reception. (That's Daven's shirt in the background!!)

Deborah Anton and I having our picture taken with Laura Canale jumping in to the picture in the background! She loved doing that and we wouldn't have known if Mom (the photographer) hadn't started to laugh! (SCS Cupcake Reception)

I had to get a picture with Jenn Balcer! She is such a sweetie. I had the pleasure of talking with her a few different times. (SCS Cupcake Reception)

Another one of my idols. I had to do the Marvy make 'n take once I realized it was Lisa Johnson!!! (will post a picture of the make 'n take tomorrow) Isn't she beautiful and thin!! She is such a sweetie in real life as she is on her blog.

Michelle Giraud (Flaxychick) is such a cutie! Between her and Laura, I was in stitches the entire time. (I'm sure Laura was probably trying to jump in this picture too but I think my photographer was quicker this time!) (SCS Cupcake Reception)

I got to met Nicole Heady on Thursday evening when I was chilling out with the MFT gals. We all had to get our picture taken with her.

Taylor is my cupcake buddy! (It's her fault that I have the 3-d cupcake pan as she had put it on her blog way back when.) I even got to do a make 'n take with Taylor that I will post tomorrow. Care to guess what it was? :) (SCS Cupcake Reception)

Sharon aka NoTimeToStamp is my best buddy!! lol K, so there is a story there... My mom (DawnL)had met her on Thursday and Sharon had no clue who my mom was. (snicker) When I met Sharon on Friday at CHA, she knew me right away without even reading my name tag!! Thanks for making my day, Sharon! (SCS Cupcake Reception)

Last but not least is the man behind the reason that all of us on SCS "know" one another but have never met unless you have been lucky enough to attend a convention, trade show, shoe box swap etc.... Da' Man.... DAVEN!! (SCS Cupcake Reception)

I still have more pictures from the SCS Cupcake Reception, CHA and of the Make 'n Takes that I will be posting in the following days.


Sew Club said...

Amber, it was so nice to meet and hang out with you!!! Can't wait till the next time! My laughing muscles are going to be hurting for a while! LOL :)

Dawn said...

LOL...hey, wonder if I can put my head in there with you and Sharon!! GREAT pics if I do say so myself *wink*

Michelle Giraud said...

Amber it was sooooo great to finally meet you IRL. You are such a sweetie and I had so much fun hanging out with you Thursday night at dinner and at the cupcake reception. It really was a weekend full of laughter!!

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Lots of fun pictures, Amber!!! It was so fun to finally meet you, AND YOUR MOM!!!!!, IRL!!! LOL!!!

Laura said...

Wow, I still can't get over meeting you and your mom! You both are just fabulous! You are just so easy to talk to and hang out with. Do you mind if I steal a couple of your pics? That is one of the reasons I was jumping in:) Have a wonderful day, talk to you soon!

Janine T said...

Girl!!! Next time let me know and I will hide in your trunk or your suitcase!!!!

Talk to you soon!

Carolyn King said...

I loved meeting you Amber. You were just exactly as I expected...what a doll!!!

Hugs and love!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, Amber......totally hob-nobbin' with the BIG DOGS!! You LUCKY DUCK, YOU!!! HOw totally exciting!!


Unknown said...

Hey chickie! It was SOOO good to meet you out in chicago! Glad to hear that you made it home safely! Great pictures - so bummed that we missed you on that first morning when we grabbed that photo after coffeee.... I don't think the whole gang was ever together, we were always missing one or two. bummer.

I'm envious of that Cars frame!! You lucky thing, i didn't see that till the day was over!

So good to meet you in person and see you SOOON on the forum!