Friday, June 13, 2008

I am a...

...Frosted Cupcake

"You're something of a showoff, aren’t you? (But in a deliciously good way!) For you, good taste is only part of the story. Your fresh-baked creations look like they were torn from the pages of a magazine, reflecting your winning sense of style. No wonder your treats get so many "oohs and ahhhs."

Okay, so where did this come from? I was on VeryBestBaking looking for a recipe as I'm in the mood for something sweet and chocolatie. I noticed that my profile wasn't complete so I finished answering the questions they had about cooking etc. And that is how I became a Frosted Cupcake! I think it fits me perfectly. So go sign up and fill out your profile and post back here letting us know what you are. (don't worry, we won't think any less of you if you don't cook often.)

Now I'm off to make some cookie bars or brownies or French Chocolate Cheesecake or "Pumped up" Chocolate milkshakes. These are just a few recipes that you can find at the site. And no, they don't offer just chocolate recipes. Anything to have to do with Nestle TollHouse brand, Carnation brand, Libby's brand and Alber's brand. So you can plan your entire menu just through this site!

ps. Think i've gained 10 lbs just by looking at the site's pictures!! lol


Anonymous said...

yeah.....I gained weight too (thanks a lot!!) the new blog banner