Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jorden, birthday girl, & how she got her name

Wow how time flies! Seems like just yesterday Jorden was born and we were trying to figure out a name for her. And now look at her, a big girl of two years old!! Alright back to the no name baby as I'm sure that has piped your interest.

Yes, we didn't have a name picked out as I was so sure she was a boy! (Plus we just couldn't find any girl names we liked) So how did we finally come up with Jorden? Well it took a few days, okay more like 9 days to come up with the name Jorden! Yes, you read that right, 9 days to name our little girl!! We had it down to the wire as you are allowed 10 "free" days to name your baby here in Ohio, after that you have to go to the Courts to file the paperwork (which means more $$ on the little one and you just got done spending how much to have the little one in the first place??? lol )

"Baby" not yet a day old.

We had to call her something until we named her, so her "first" name was "Baby" and I even found a blanket that read Baby's blanket that I had to get for her! lol Okay, okay, so back to naming "Baby". Lots of names were thrown out by friends and family. Some total off the wall names, other names that were normal but just were not right for us. We also had a little problem as our other kids' names ended in 'EN', 'IN' or 'ON' and did we want Baby's name to end like that to or be completely different. We even had the nurses and the doctor throwing names out at us! (I think we were the talk of the hospital.)

Finally on the 9th day of Baby being with us, we finally agreed on Jorden. Now Jorden was my boy's name that I had picked out but wasn't sure if I wanted to name my little girl that. But we were getting deseperate and had to name "Baby" for all our sanity's sakes! lol So "Baby" became Jorden Faith and to this day I don't think any other name could have been better for her! (We spelled Jorden with an E to give it more of a feminine look)

Little miss Jorden sleeping. Bad at putting dates on picutres so not sure if she is still "Baby" or finally named Jorden here! Just love the picture! lol

Jorden, today at 2 yrs old!! :
Jorden and big brother, Benjamin, with her Elmo cupcake cake. No, she didn't get her finger in the icing.

No you are not seeing twins. The little girl on the left is Jorden's cousin, Leah, who is 7 months older than Jorden! We happen to dress them alike for church (well Leah claims she called Jorden the night before and told her to wear the dress too) and I just happen to have my camera. Jorden had just woken up so that's why she isn't as bright eyed and bushy tail as Leah.


Anonymous said...

awwwww............very cute pics and good story!! 9 days!! OMG!! hehe\