Thursday, January 10, 2008

Faux Suede Tutorial

I got the directions from diy network. I work better with a tutorial that has pictures so here you go.

Liquid applique
Rubber brayer
cardstock (I used Kraft cardstock)
paper plate ( I used wax paper)
Heat gun

Squeeze liquid applique onto plate or wax paper. A little will go a long way. Brayer your brayer in the liquid applique until it is covered.

Brayer onto your cardstock. Recoat the brayer if there is still some liquid applique left on your plate/wax paper. Keep brayering your cardstock until you get the coverage you want.

Heat the cardstock with your heat gun . This picture shows some of the liquid applique already heated and the rest of it not. Where my name is, that isn't heated. you can see the difference.

Keep heating until the entire piece is puffed up. Since it is spread on so thin, it won't get puffed up high.

Wash your brayer off with soapy water.

Finish into a card. (It feels like you are working with the real thing too!!)

Images are all My Favorite Things.


Unknown said...

love this idea!thanks for I need a brayer and some liquid Appl!!!

Jen said...

Is there a way to do this with white liquid applique? Maybe mix reinkers with it?

PM or email me if you have any ideas. Your tutorial makes much more sense to me than DIY's.


Elizebeth said...

I havent tried this before...thanks for the instructions!