Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Little Valentine’s Day Fun


We aren’t that big on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Oh don’t get me wrong, it is nice to get flowers or a little present but to go out to eat and all the other hoopla that goes with it, just not for us. Could be because our birthdays are to close to the date. (mine being Jan. 30th, his Feb. 20th plus our youngest is Feb.17th!)

But when our friends at Possum Hollow Log Cabin Concerts scheduled a concert for Valentines night, we knew we would be going as we always enjoy our time there.

What the heck is a log cabin concert you ask? Taken from their website “First of all, it is a concert, rather than a party. It is important to make this distinction. The fact that it takes place in a private home (the living room of a log cabin!) contributes to the intimacy and warmth of the occasion, from the perspective of both the artist and audience.”  Guests are asked to bring along a snack or dessert to share with others during intermission.

And of course with it being Valentines Day, I had to make some Orange Spice Sugar Cookies in the shape of hearts. Love how they turned out.


So who was the main attraction you ask?  Grace Pettis. She had a beautiful voice and was so much fun to talk to. We had an enjoyable evening as always. Chatting with those we knew and talking to some that we hadn’t seen before. And of course getting to talk with the singer herself is always a plus.


I love how I captured the moment when she looked up at her husband, who was seated beside us. They were so cute.


All in all it was an enjoyable evening and one we can’t wait to do again in the following months. Best of luck to Grace in her singing career.


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