Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Pinterest Inspired Photo Wall Clock


I’m a big Pinterest junkie. I mean, come on, who isn’t? I only have 35 boards, 3,504 pins! Which is a lot of pins to try out/be inspired by but I am going to try, at least most of them… slowly but surely! But today’s post I think has to be my favorite Pinterest inspire of all. (Feel free to follow me by clicking the button on the side.)

Since moving in to our own home almost 2 yrs. ago, we still have the living room/dinning room and hallway to repaint and decorate. Finally got to the living room/dinning room over Spring Break last month and just finished it up this weekend with what I am sharing with you today. Of course I had to look on Pinterest for ideas and in doing so, found this idea:

ff0d68309605bcc366d6e64644ca148b (clicking on picture will take you to the blog)

I pinned it right away (36 weeks ago that is) as I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do in my living room. But first I had to paint! Below is what the room looked like before and after. (and yes, that is another Pinterest inspired item under the mirror. When it gets completely finished, I will blog about that too!)

freshpaint copy

I painted 3 walls in the Frosted Morning color (has hues of purple in it depending on how the light hits it) and the accent wall a deeper shade of purple.

I knew with the walls painted the Frosted Morning, I wanted a pop of color here and there on the walls but also the stark black too. So in doing my clock, I made sure my word decal was black and my frames were black to leave the color pop up to the pictures.

To get the dimension of the clock, I went with finding the hands first as I did not want to get a decal and it be over powering in size to the hands of the clock or vice versa!  I found my wall clock kit at Hobby Lobby for $39.99 but of course used the 40% off coupon they offer on their website!

Then began the fun search of that perfect word decal that would fit our family. I searched high and low and finally found one on Ebay. (Good ‘ole Ebay!) You could also make your own decal as the original pinner did. What you are seeing in the middle of the saying is the clock base. We put that on to center the wording around it. (yes, I had to cut the decal apart some to make it work how I wanted it to)


Then came time to position the “numbers” around. Lots of measuring, painters tape, rearranging till the faux frames were how I wanted them.
1366637153406a (no, clock is not crooked, both of these pictures were taken with my phone at not a good angle!)

Here is how the saying looks with the hands completely in place.
WallClocksaying copy

For me the hardest part was picking out what pictures to use! Thank goodness I only have four kids as I used (from the oldest to the youngest) them individually as the 12, 3, 6 and 9. Which we put in 5x7 frames to make those “numbers” stand out and the rest of the “numbers” used 4x6 frames. (you can use any size you want really) After that I put up another picture of each child with something that represented them. The final four pictures are then group shots of the kids and one family shot.


I didn’t want to have to put too much money into the picture frames and thought I would find a good deal at the Dollar Store. No such luck here but lo behold, I found them at Wal-Mart, frames for 94 cents for the 4x6s and a $1.00 for 5x7s!


I am so loving my Photo Wall Clock! Can’t wait to change out the pictures in a few months time or sooner as that is the beauty of this idea, it will be forever changing! (No pun intended! lol) Graduation pictures, sport pictures, goofy, holidays, birthdays, weddings, and so on!

Incase you were wondering, this is how the Dinning room wall was decorated. (sorry, not Pinterest but Ebay.)


Hope you have enjoyed my (long) post today on one of my Pinterest Inspirations. Next will be my curtains when I can get to them! Excited about them too.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Inspiring! Thank you for sharing

Colleen said...

Beautiful family wall clock.
If that is battery operated; how do you change the batteries?

Amber (bambi64) said...

Colleen, you just replace the batteries. The box comes off where the batteries are and then goes back on the wall.