Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of school and a mini field trip

Today marks the last day of school for my kids. So of course I had to whip up some last minute teacher gifts. I just wasn’t feeling it this year as I have given them things throughout the year and volunteer in their classrooms every week. But I knew I had to give them something or I would feel bad!

So I went with the reliable covered legal pads. Used School Notes from Our Craft Lounge, cutting the images out and paper piecing the backpack. Made my own lined paper using the lined stamp from the set.


So my kids may be getting out today but Preschool got out last week so I have been babysitting all week long. My oldest only had one exam today so instead of running to school, dropping her off, running home and turning around in an hour to pick her up, I decided to go to my mom’s. So the twins and I had a mini field trip.

I was taking them to see the llamas but the first thing out of the little boy’s mouth was “look, kangaroos!” “ummm no, those are llamas.”  “llamas” “yes” “horsies!” “no, llamas!”  Then one llama made a funny noise and the little boy shouts “rhinoceros!”  “no! Llamas!!” And last he called them camels!  I give up!

Here are some pictures from our little outing:








Then we ran to a friend’s house who has horses so they got to see horses too.


Now school is over, kids are home.. let summer begin! And what a summer it will be as we are having friends from South Africa coming over in 3 weeks to spend 3 weeks with us. We have lots of fun things planned so I’m sure I’ll have tons of fun pictures to share!

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Dawn said...

great teacher gifts!

hahaha...too cute! got to see ALL those animals and llamas too!! FUN!