Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper Pretties Sneak Peek


Have you been checking out the sneak peeks over at the Paper Pretties Blog? Well today I finally get to share one with you.

Fairy Wishes! It’s so cute and fun. I paper pieced the dress and had to color the poodle (at least I think it’s a poodle.. I sure hope it’s a poodle! lol) pink as my daughter wants to get a poodle and dye it pink!  Added stickles to the wings and wand.



        Thanks for stopping by!



dinkuminkum said...

Hi Amber - I love your card - it really is pretty, but I'm just not convinced that it's a poodle! If you look at the ears, they're not fluffy like poodles' ears are usually. Also, if you look at the feet, they sure look like little hooves to me! So, as a New Zealander, who has many farming relations, and who lives in a country where human inhabitants are vastly outnumbered by sheep, I feel fairly safe (and qualified) in identifying your gorgeous poodle as a sheep! But - it looks gorgeous anyway. And little lambs are really gorgeous too. It's early spring in New Zealand just now and the very start of the lambing season. The newborn lambs are so wobbly and gorgeous, but it's not long at all until they're jumping and skipping all over the paddocks with their siblings. They are so cute.
Have a great day Amber.
Hugs, Anne, dinkuminkum at yahoo dot co dot nz.

Amber (bambi64) said...

Hey Anne, Yeah, I think it might be a sheep too. Still haven't had any confirmation which way to go but I might stick to the poodle idea ;) LOL If you squint your eyes, stand on your head, stick out your tounge.. it almost looks like a poodle ;) LOL

AShu93 said...

You had me convinced it was a poodle too, until I saw the hooves! Pretty sure poodles don't have those & the ears are a bit long. Since it's a fairy, you can just call it a fantasy animal.