Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Dali Decal Review, Coupon Code and Giveaway!


Just because the giveaway is over doesn’t mean you can’t have something. Don’t forget the coupon code from Dali Decals
for my readers: 5% off with no minimum purchase necessary! The code ambersantics5off is good till Oct.1! 

Also don’t forget to you still have time to sign up at the Dali Decals Back Lot
Launch Giveaway!

Now on to our winner.. picked…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..

Misty Crockett said...

Tons of stuff I liked on Dali Decals page, but if I had to pick one I would do a custom order. I have been wanting Jeremiah 29:11 to go above the steps so I would see it everyday when I come downstairs

Congrats, Misty!!


Long post ahead but so worth it. You don’t want to miss this giveaway! Remember back when we moved….way back in June and I said I had some awesome blog candy I was working on to give away?

Well the time has finally come! I know, I know, you are wondering what I could have that would be so awesome to give away. Well…. it is NOT craft related for starters! How is that? So even my non-craft friends (yes, I do have those!) can get excited about this giveaway!

As you know we painted our new bedrooms and since we rented before, we could not hang stuff on the walls so our new walls were looking pretty bare. Well not any longer!

Allie had decided she wanted polka dots on her walls but I didn’t want to have to paint them on. (can you see where this is going yet?) So I googled wall decals and found this amazing site called Dali Decals. The kids and I fell in love with their products and have a wish list a mile long.

(the following 3 pictures are from Dali Decals website that I have permission to use)

Allie and Jorden want these polka dots for their room … 192 polka dots to be exact! polkadots-room400

Carmen is in love with this huge dandelion (this one shown measures 22 inches wide by 65 inches high!) and you can get extra seeds for a little more $! How cool is that?:

Ben wants these flying all over his room:

And of course I have my favorites for each area of the house too . And not only that but Dali Decals can even create custom printed decals and murals from your high resolution images! (I’m thinking I will be going custom next time around for one of the walls in my bedroom, just have to find that perfect saying/verse)

Anyways Dali Decals was nice enough to allow me to do a review of their product. So with a nice little gift certificate in my pocket from Dali Decals … I went “shopping”. It was so hard to narrow down what I wanted that I ended up getting a few different things. Of course my gift certificate didn’t cover it all but I didn’t care, I was happy to spend some a little more money to get what I wanted.

The Wall Decals came packaged nicely in this cute box. Notice the warning as it had me cracking up. (don’t forget you can click on the picture to make it bigger)shipment

Let me tell you these were so easy to put up that I did it all by myself! (yes, I am proud of that. The kids did tell me how they thought it should be positioned before I actually took off the backing. And of  course each one had to apply a bird where it was going!) Directions sent with the decals are great and they also include a squeegee so you don’t have to go hunting for something to help smooth down the decal when applying it to the wall!

For what will be my sitting area in my bedroom, I went with Baby Blossom Branch with Birds. This wall decal comes in two sections for easier application and measures 52 inches wide by 20 inches tall. Also the birds (which measure 4 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall) are separate so you can place them anywhere you want. AND you can colorize the branch and birds to be different colors if you wish. I went with the branch being brown but wanted the birds to “pop” so asked for them to be matte dark red. (Dali Decals has a  complete color chart to choose from)

This is what you see now when you walk into my bedroom:

And here is a close up of it from the “front”.

close up

I’ve always wanted to decorate my laptop and Dali Decals has sets for as low as $10.00! I finally decided on the Mini Gerbera Daisies:


I have just one more to show you. (I told you this was a long but worth it post!) I also got some cute butterflies that went perfect in my bathroom. They are red but it was so hard to get a good, good picture without sitting in the sink to do it!


Dali Decals sends a practice decal with every order. Well it just happened to be a PINK flower. Jorden quickly grabbed it and without telling, placed it on her wall (to the dismay of Allie)!  jordenswall See, I told you these wall decals were easy to apply if my 5 yr. old can apply one with any help from anyone.

And since Dali Decals is so AWESOME (yes, they themselves say that) they have also given me a coupon code just for you, my readers: 5% off with no minimum purchase necessary! The code ambersantics5off is good till Oct.1!

And now Finally…

*Open to US, only

So how would you like to win a $25.00 gift certificate to Dali Decals?

Just leave me a comment telling me what
wall decal you would love to have (or have one custom made) and where you would put it.

I will draw a winner next week Thursday so please make sure you leave a way I can contact you.

Optional Entries (1 extra entry per..)
(must include in your entry post that you did these in order for them to count):

*Become a follower of Amber’s Antics
Dali Decals on Facebook
*post a link to this blog entry on your blog or Facebook.


Also Don’t forget about the Dali Decals Back Lot Launch Giveaway! Just for signing up you get reward points towards Dali Decal gift certificates!

Register for a Back Lot account and have a chance to win any one of the prizes listed below!

Here’s a list of what’s up for grabs:

Grand Prize: $1,000 Dali Decals shopping spree
two (2) $500 Dali Decals shopping sprees
two (2) iPads
four (4) $250 Dali Decals shopping sprees
ten (10) $100 Dali Decals shopping sprees
twenty (20) $50 Dali Decals shopping sprees

The contest will run from now until 11:59 EST on August 31st, 2011. Anyone who registers after that date will not be eligible for entry into The Back Lot Launch Promotion Giveaway. After August 31st, 2011, winners will be randomly chosen with a random number generator and notified via the email addresses they provided at registration and on the Dali Decals Facebook Fan Page.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up! And don’t forget to mention my blog (Amber’s Antics) as the one who sent you.

Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible if you get DDOD (Dali Decals Obsession Disorder) If you do get DDOD, please call 1-877-769-DALI (3254) and tell them I sent you.

Before I sign off, I have to show you one more Dali Decals that I really, really, really want. Got to save up some money for this one:


         Thanks for stopping by!



Lorraine said...

Wow - I could spend a ton of money on their site! I have a ton of favorites, but I would pick "always kiss me goodnight" because I need something on my drab bedroom walls!

Lorraine said...

and I liked them on FB, bookmarked their site and follow your blog (sorry I forgot to put this in my last comment)

Saveena said...

I love the "Peaceful Cherry Blossom Tree"! It would be so easy to spend a ton of money on these things. LOL

Julie said...

I am following your blog! I became a fan of Dali Decals (I am in LOVE)!!

I will be getting the three Panel Tree Branch and put it in my living room! Will browse the site more and create a huge wish list! =)

Katie S. said...

I follow your blog, like Dali Decals on Facebook and posted a link on my page! It's way too easy to get addicted to these...I already own a custom one that I am anxiously awaiting to finally be able to hang in my new apartment and would love to be able to decorate it with some more! I am thinking either one of the lovely chandeliers or a cherry blossom tree to pretty up my bathroom! email:

Misty Crockett said...

Tons of stuff I liked on Dali Decals page, but if I had to pick one I would do a custom order. I have been wanting Jeremiah 29:11 to go above the steps so I would see it everyday when I come downstairs.

I also followed your blog, liked Dali on FB, and posted a link to your blog on my FB page. Hope by now you know how to reach me.

SmilynStef said...

Fun fun fun ... I love how you perched the one little bird on top of the electrical outlet ... I think it's like the Mini Mod Birds to put throughout my house ... I follow your blog & Dali Decals on facebook ... thanks for the chance to win.

Colleen said...

I would have to go with the butterflies and put them on my entrance wall as you're coming in the front door.
I don't do facebook; sorry.

Debbie Corbari said...

WOW! They look awesome!! I love that baby blossom branch you have goin' on in your bedroom! If I were to do this I think I would go the custom route....but then again..maybe not! Oh and I LOVE the shot of your laptop! Cute cute and lovin' all of those OCL sets I see sitting next to it! lmao! WOOHOO!
ps - I'm already a follower of your blog :)

Roxie said...

Great site Amber and a perfect way to decorate. I follow your blog, NO facebook account.
I would use one of the bird decals for my stamp room, either a branch or the decal that goes above the window.
Thanks for the offer!

kathy55439 said...

Peaceful Cherry Blossom Tree is wonderful So many cool things hard to pick just one or ten

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

VERY creative ways to use I'm inspired to do some for my son's room.

Starla said...

I think I would choose something for my craft area. Haven't narrowed exactly what yet, LOL! Fun stuff!

Gnome 1 said...

I *love* the cherry tree/blossoms decal! Anything with a bird, really ;-)

Kyla said...

I love the trees, but also like the airplane for a little boy's room. Your walls look great!

Dawn said...

Well, you know I think these are sooo cool and I WANT sooo many!!! I love the birds, any of them! OR the trees... any of them!! and I'd love to put one of the toilet ones upstairs!! haha!
I'll be linking in my next post *wink*, FB-check, Follower-check

Hope said...

Wow!! I could put about one in every room and still there is too many that I like!! I like the cherry blossoms and the twelve little birds! I could see the bird sitting over my front door!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Gorgeous! I've stickied up my art room and my lap top. IT's so fun to transform a room!

Jess said...

Welll. . . can I make a list??
I like the apple blossom branch, the swirling poppies, and the big gerbera daisies for starters. But I love, love, love all the quotes. "What could you accomplish if you knew you could not fail" is very neat. And I'm craving that coffee cup.

See what you started?!?!

Scrapycandy said...

large damask wall mural...right above my bed...these are all so amazing! Thanks for the info!

vabna islam said...

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