Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cake Decorating Classes


So 2 weeks ago I started a cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I decorate cakes but I am self taught and have always wanted to take classes to learn flowers and to make sure I am using the tips correctly.  Plus a friend wanted to take the classes but didn’t want to do them alone. Who can blame her? It’s always fun to take classes with a friend… especially something like cake decorating. (And the classes were half off for the month of Nov. couldn’t pass that up!)

First class: Stars

First lesson was all the basics of what you could buy, how to ice a cake besides making the icing. Then we learned how to make stars. We were to have brought in sugar cookies and had to decorate them with just the star tip. Nothing worth taking pictures of.

Second Class: Transfers

We learned how to make transfers using piping gel (something I didn’t know), zig zags , dots and elongated shape. We were to bring a cake to class and completely ice it in class and then do a transfer of some kind and decorate it. (I did a zig zag border).


Third class: Flowers

We learned how to do pompom flowers, shaggy mums, drop flowers and leaves. The lady bug was made by my friend, for my little one, who is also taking the class. (The top of my pompom (blue flower) got a little squished)


Next week is our last class and we are to bring in a completely iced cake. We will be learning Ribbon Roses (one of the reasons I wanted to take the class) and then will have to finish decorating our cake in class. So between now and then I have to come up with how I am going to decorate my cake and if I’m going to make any drop flowers, I have to make them this week so they can air dry to be able to put on the cake. Come back next week to see what I do!

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AShu93 said...

Amber, these are great! I teach the classes at JoAnn's & yours are some of the best student projects I've seen!

Echo said...

OMG! yummmo! This class sounds alot of fun! Very very cute cake and um I wish so bad I could reach through my iPhone right now and grab one of those cupcakes they look incredibly awsome and incredibly yummy!! Hehe. Seriously tho, this inspires me to look up classes of this sort in my area.

I know this is an older post but I am fairly new to this blog so I'm paging through it. Great blog!

Sharon : )