Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CUPCAKES galore!


What does 11 cake mixes, 5 dz eggs, 1 gallon milk, 5 lbs butter, 13 lbs powder sugar, 48 oz oil, vanilla, 24 oz evaporated milk, 28oz condensed milk, 28oz coconut, instant coffee, pecans, banana chips, vanilla wafers, German chocolate, white chocolate, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, 6 bananas, limes & 200+ silver cupcake liners make?  225+ cupcakes, 5 different kinds!!!

I was asked to make a cupcake cake for a friend’s wedding. A friend that I have known since she was a baby. Hard to believe she is all grown up and married now! Here are the pictures I took and the cupcake cake I made for the bride and groom.

The buffet counter waiting to be filled.

Cheese and Cracker table plus corsages waiting to be put on.
Fellowship hall all decorated.
Cupcake cake. 100 cupcakes on the stand. My mom helped put the flowers on.

Complete cake table.
Close up of the cupcakes, kinds of cupcakes are: mini chocolate chips – Cappuccino Chip, banana chip – Banana Pudding, lime peel – Key Lime, toasted coconut – German Chocolate, white chocolate shavings – White on White)

They picked a Willow Tree figurine for their topper.

Bride and Groom getting ready to feed each other some cake. Brought back color to just the flowers, topper and her sparkles on her waist.
DSCF0708 copy
Hope you enjoyed my pictures.

I am also guest hostess this week for the Photo Challenge over at SCS. Every week there is a new challenge issued and all is required is a camera. For this week I picked “Celebrations” as the theme because of the wedding. How do you interpret Celebration? Come show us in the Photography forum.

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Starla said...

OH WOW! The cupcakes look wonderful with those bright flowers!!

HappyCrafter said...

oh wow!!!! just love cupcakes, and this looks fabulous and sounds very yummy!

Unknown said...

wow Amber, any bride would be pleased to have those on her wedding day! little pieces of art.

Jerri Jimenez said...

You are such a dear friend Amber, this is just heavenly, you should be so proud and I am getting hungry girl . . . oh my . . . I know these were delish! You're so very talented, your cupcake cake is incredibly beautiful!