Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look what’s hitting the stands today…

August Cover

The August issue of Crafts ‘n things!!  So what’s so special about this issue? Oh, nothing much….just I’M IN IT!!  I submitted a project a while back and they accepted it. Take a look:


That cute little art caddy is sitting on my table right now holding my Prismacolor pencils, blending stumps and my few copics.

So run out and grab yourself the issue today and if you live close by, I don’t charge much to autograph the page. LOL  Here is the cover so you know what to look for (shoot this magazine is worth getting for the cover alone… isn’t that bear just too cute!!)

August Cover


        Thanks for stopping by!


A Cards Delight said...

Amber Congratulations, how exciting!!! I will try to get a copy! The art caddy is just what I need! Thank you!

KateB said...

congrats!!! It's always nice seeing yourself pubbed...great teacher gift too!

Denise @ Paper Gems said...

That's GREAT to get published!

Ironically, I JUST received this magazine in the mail. It was a promotion for a FREE issue, It's a very NICE magazine and now I "know" some one in it!


Debbie Corbari said...

SHAZAM!! Congratulations!