Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2: Brushes

Day 2 of class with JessicaSprague is with Brushes. I love using brushes and was glad for a refresher (at least for me) course. I had to go to my favorite place though and download some more brushes. So where do I like to get my brushes? Obsidian Dawn She has tons and has tutorials on how to install them ect. The flourish and pixie flourishes in the photo are from her site. The square frame came in the class kit.

I have only been able to get one picture done for today's class and I did it last night at 2am!! I took this picture yesterday of Jorden picking some of mom's raspberries to eat.

K, so after yesterday's class, I went on a download spree and searched the internet for free downloads of frames and word art. I wanted a word or saying for Fireworks but only found this wording: I took the picture Sunday night at another firework display we went to. I changed the wording color to white as it was black.

One last one, I promise. The frame was from the class kit and the wording from my download spree. This is my daughter and her friend, Haleigh, who is living with us for a while. This was taken one day when they went out walking with their other friend (the picture I used yesterday of them laying on the road). I think the wording is perfect for Haleigh right now.


Kisa Peters said...

AWESOME! Amber!!! Love the firewords photo! I had my new camera all set and ready to take pictures......and our fireworks were cancelled! 10K worth! It was TOO foggy...they tried a couple and the clouds just sort of glowed red! So, :( I don't have any fireworks pictures! By the looks of your photo, I'm assuming you have a DSLR camera...you mind sharing with me what kind you have? AND what settings did you use for the fireworks! LOL! I found a tutorial on-line and was going to go with those settings - but....nothing to shoot!

Anyway - just wanted to say your photos are looking great!!

Dawn said...

Wowzers!! They've all turned out AWEsome!!