Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Under the weather with Hurrican Ike

I know it is not uncommon for me not to post every day so some may not even notice that I have been missing from the Internet world the last few days. I am only able to post this as I am up at my mom’s who has Internet connection, I don’t have it at home and have no clue when we will get it back. Here is my story:

We knew we were to get some remenats of Hurrican Ike but were not prepared for what we did get. Wind! After church on Sunday we came home and I started lunch while hubby turned on racing.

Time: 1:00. He also tried getting on the internet which he could not even after going through all the necessary steps of restarting etc. Customer service was no help as it was a recording and told us to check online with a 24/7 live chat. Ummm DUH!! No net, can’t do that!! I don’t think we even made it to “GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!” when the cable went out. (that right there should have been our clue that it wasn’t going to get any better)

Picture an unhappy husband as now he can’t watch it on TV nor can he get the net to work to even watch it on there. *lightbulb * Hook up the bunny ears and tune in the TV that way as racing was being broadcast on a local channel. Happy husband for all of 5 secs when the ENTIRE power goes out!

Time: 2:30/3:00 What to do now that we have no power? Let’s go outside and see whatever one else is doing. By this time the wind is really picking up so you had leaves blowing down the street along with dirt. The neighbor thought he had heard the tornado siren so the kids came in the house to “pack” just incase. I happen to look out the window when I saw the kid across the street come running over to our side at full speed. I look out even farther and this is what I saw:

If you think that is impressive, wait for the story that goes with it. The neighbor had just been on this side of the tree, started walking back to his house, was right on the other side and it came down! The kid didn’t see him after the tree came down, thought he had been crushed, hence him running over so fast. Thankfully no one was hurt and it didn’t land on the house at all.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside watch the neighbors clean up the area even though the winds were strong. (We later find out we were out in what was considered Level 1 Hurricane winds!) And during this time, my middle daughter gets sick! Evening comes, we lit candles and find out that one of our local pizza haunts has power! Finally something warm as the wind (now it is raining) has made it kinda chilly outside. I really wanted some coffee!

Time: 8:30 still no power. Benjamin and I play Uno while everyone but sickie goes and gets the pizza. We finally get to eat, play a couple more rounds of Uno (which I won 2 out of 3) and decided to go to bed. Hadn’t been in bed too long when POWER comes back on!! yayyay Time is now 10:50!!

So you probably think that is where my story ends? Not at all. Remember my sick daughter? Well guess who got it right after the power came back on? Yup, that’s right, ME!! And then half way through the night the little one gets it too!

Monday comes with school going from being on a 2 hr delay to being canceled. No biggie, right… well we still have no internet/cable power! And of course a few of us are still feeling weak from the night’s sickness. So Monday was a complete wash of sleeping and vegging all day long. I did no stamping what-so-ever. Even had another 2 hr delay today!

Hence my card: “Feeling under the weather?” This card is for the color challenge (riding hood red or real red, going gray and always artichoke) and for MFT’s Monday challenge of using Rain or Shine and having some bling on the card. I went simple to stress just how I’ve felt the last two days. Crystal stickles were added to the dots on the boots while Frosted Lace was used on the umbrella dots. Scallop oval made with the round corner punch. And I used SU’s scallop punch all around the card edge.

Ps. Have to share this, I’ve fallen into that “chase the UPS man” category! I was expecting a SU deliver today but with the winds, wasn’t sure if it would make it and having no internet, couldn’t check to see if it had been rescheduled. The UPS happened to stop next door so I walked down and asked him if he had anything for me! Now UPS doesn’t deliver here until 3:00/4:00 unless it is next day air. He checked and he had my package. Being the kind UPS man or after seeing that craze look in my eye when he said he had it, he rummaged through the brown truck and gave it to me!


Laura said...

I am glad to see you back on the internet, even if you are borrowing your mom's connection. Wow, that pic of the tree is amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience and posting a cute card to go with it!

Anonymous said...

YOU'RE ALIVE!!! hehe....was just about to contact your mom to see what was up!! (was thinking maybe you had gotten hit with some wind storms)
Your card turned out cute, BTW!

Unknown said...

Welcome back! hope you're feeling better. Adorable card too!!