Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Picnic '08 (long post)

Every Labor Day we have a picnic at our church. After we have eaten, the kids are ushered outside for games/races/cotton candy/snow cones/big blow up slide (or bouncy thing). Each year it's a different kind of theme and this year was no exception. With 12 different booths for the kids to visit, welcome to the
GGC Carnival.

Jorden and Mercia eating popsicles while waiting for the gates to open.
Carmen was suppose to be setting up but I caught her playing Balncing the Plate.
A group of clowns. I mean the helpers for the booths.

Carmen on the inside of the closed Carnival.
Kids waiting to get into the Carnival.

My brother and his wife maning the Cotton Candy machine.
One of the 'games'... Allie fishing and eating cotton candy at the same time. What talent!
Hannah, the face painter. Hannah at work on Jorden. Jorden as a cat.
Even I got into the act and had my face painted. Hubby says I look like the girl on Comfy Couch! lol
I'm still trying to figure out which one is the real clown! lol Not sure I want to admit that that is my hubby in the Ohio state shirt! lol
Pie eating contest. Carmen had to feed her Uncle (yes, I said Uncle!) apple pie. They didn't win.
It's not every day you get to see a clown on an Unicycle! My kids on the BIG SLIDE! Notice the "BIG" kid at the top? My brother! Even my hubby went down but I was never around to catch him on it! My mom got this picture of Carmen and Cayla. Carmen was a true clown as she was all decked out in Michigan colors right down to her shoelaces!
Shelia and Steve, a happy clown couple with Elizabeth the clown in the middle. Remember Hannah, the face painter? She is their daughter. The clowns all had to take a train ride! lol Even Steve (6'4) managed to (some what) fit into a barrel! I love this picture! Jorden and Johnathon having a conversation. Not sure if he wanted her popsicle or liked her face painting. So hard to understand 'toddler' talk!
Another game the kids could play. Notice the yellow ball soaring through the air that didn't make it into the clown's mouth. Jorden getting a pink balloon dog, another booth the kids could visit.

Well if you have lasted this long, I thank you. I wanted to post all the pictures in the same thread since I have MFT releases all week long. If you would like to see more pictures, I have more on my facebook.


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time!! ( the "new makeup" style you chose!)

Anonymous said...

YES!! That IS the girl from the Big Comfy Couch!! bbwwahahahah!!

What a fun day!! Thanks for the pics!!