Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ohio State Fair winner

My oldest, Carmen, belongs to a Llama 4-H club. Yes, it is my mom's 4-H club (for those that don't know my mom, DawnL, she owns llamas.). They showed at the State Fair this past weekend. Carmen came home with not one but two Trophies plus a few other ribbons!! She also gets to go back to the State Fair on August 7th for her 4-H project of cooking as she got picked from her catagory to represent Champaign County!

Carmen and Freddie won Champion Jr. Showmanship

Carmen won Reserve Champion Junior Youth Performance and Ryan won Grand Champion Junior Youth Performance! (Ryan also belongs in Carmen's 4-H club.)


Anonymous said... must be SOO proud!! How awesome for your family!!

We took to the kids to our local fair and had a fab time looking at the animals, baked/canned stuff, quilting, rode some rides and its the ONLY day of the year that they get cotton candy!!!


Michele Kovack said...

Way to go!!! Awesome!

Morissa Sweeney (YT - ShamrockShe) said...

Awesome! I live in Logan County! Great to see someone close to loves to stamp! You have nice work.