Wednesday, May 7, 2008


When I first saw the new MFT set "Gone To The Dogs", I got this crazy idea in my head. And like all crazy ideas, I just couldn't shake it until I actually made it. Well what is it, you ask? A traveling BINGO set, which means it is all magnetic!! From the boards to the shrinkie dink dogs to the bones that are the numbers! There are at least 100 dogs and 58 dog bones. The bones are stored in the 'bone' bag in the back there that I whipped up.

And here is what the case looked like when I bought it. It was sitting in the damage rack at Joanns for $1.47!! Couldn't pass it up!!

Close up of the case after I altered it.

Now we just need to take a trip so that we can play BINGO!!

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Sheila D said...

That is the cutest thing! I just love it.