Thursday, May 1, 2008

Before and After

My oldest daughter, Carmen (12), has been wanting a perm for a while now. She finally got her wish yesterday. So here is a before and after shot of her. (The before shot was taken early in the morning before she went to school. The after shot was when she got home and they had picked out her hair. It looks way better this morning after she just did it. Will have to get another picture of her later today.)

Now the best part.... when we went to pick Carmen up (she had gone with some friends to get her hair done) we told the other kids not to say anything mean like "ewww, I don't like it, you look funny, etc" They were also told that it may take awhile for them to get use to Carmen having a perm as we aren't use to seeing her with curly hair all the time. So Benjamin, 5, pipes up and says "I'll say 'Carmen, it looks dumb but I have to get use to it." and he did!! lol Kids, You gotta love them!!


Dawn said...

lol, Benjamin!!!