Sunday, December 16, 2007

And the winner is....

I picked the old fashion way. "Hey, mom (on msn), pick a number between 1-29" LOL

And she picked #26 which is......

BishopsMommie! She said " likes: very cool sets and gallery is filled with great ideas--sometimes I draw a black when I get my sets home.dislikes: there not enough of them, i know i know there coming--cant wait to see them--that turtle is sooooooo cute and the reindeer."

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Your contact info has been passed onto Treehouse Stamps and they should get ahold of you for your address!

Thanks to everyone that visited and left comments on my blog. I hope you become a regular visitor as you never know what will be happening in my house that is worth sharing with you!


Tina Mayo said...

whhhhhhhhoooooo hooooooooo......doing happy dance and giving my 2 y/o high 5's -- he thinks momma crazy. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

AGGGGGGG!!!! I think I forgot to enter!! Oh well....such is my life lately!! (But I got a great box of goodies anyways! big ol' smiley face!)