Monday, March 2, 2015

DoughEZ, Baby Girl Cookies and a Promo Code!


Ever want to make cutout cookies but drag your feet because you know there will be a big mess to clean up afterwards? I’m that way at Christmas time but with orders, I’ll make them but still go ugh, what a mess to clean up.

Well enter Facebook and a post from one of my friends talking about this product she had just bought for making her cookies. To say I was intrigued was an understatement. So off to the site I went and 20 minutes later I had ordered the DoughEZ

It came just in time for an order I had so I took step by step pictures to share with you after I had cut out a few batches as the DoughEz is just too much fun and I was impressed beyond impressed.  (keep reading as Promo code is at the end of post)

doughezThe DoughEZ pastry mat is made of a silicone fiber mesh and the guide sticks are made of food safe ABS plastic. The six guide sticks come in two different depths of 1/8” (2 sticks) and 1/4” (4 sticks) in thickness. They can be stacked for various thickness and the 4 – 1/4” sticks with notches, snap together to create a 9”x13”x1” pastry frame.


I wanted my cookies to be 1/4” thick so I used the 1/4” sticks. Slide them under the mat and place the dough on the mat in between the guide sticks.


Now bring the other side over and on top of the dough and get ready for some fun.

Using your rolling pin, start rolling your dough. What??!! No sticky dough on the rolling pin?!! Amazing!!  Roll dough till it is to thickness of the sticks you are using. (your rolling pin stays right on top of the sticks when rolling and the mat never moved. Loved that!)   doughEZ5

Once dough is to thickness, open the DoughEZ and place parchment paper or in my case, wax paper, on to the dough.DoughEZ6

Now close the DoughEZ and flip it over so the wax paper and dough end up on the other side.DoughEZ7
Start cutting out the cookie shapes!

All the cookies I cut out were all the same thickness!! Finally I can get them the same without eyeballing it or ending up with different thicknesses! Cookies

And here are the cookies all decorated and all same thickness! woo-hoo!!

Wait! What about clean up? It is so simple now. For one your counters are still clean and so is your rolling pin! All you have to do is wipe down the DoughEZ mat with a wet washcloth and a little bit of soap, dry it off with a towel and roll it up. So simple!

All components of the DoughEZ are FDA approved food safe materials. Perfect for making biscuits, donuts, or non baked confections like rice krispy treats or molding cake pop dough and so much more. Did you see the rings on the one side? Perfect for shaping your pie crusts and pizzas!  I just got a new bread machine that makes pasta dough, can’t wait to cut those out on this!

So I was so excited on how well this worked that I gushed on DoughEZ’s Facebook page and they gave me a PROMO code to share with my readers! Just enter "ambersantics" all lower case for $10.00 off your order. Promo code is good for the month of March only. Promo code has been extended till after Mother’s Day, 5/11/15!! And to help you even more, I have placed a button (Precision Dough Rolling System) that will take you straight to their order page on the side of my blog.

You will not be disappointed, believe me. I am so excited to make cutout cookies now and fondant for my cakes! I even have everything but marshmallows to make rice krispie treats for my kids. Which when I do, I will share how that works with you.

  Thanks for stopping by  
     and happy baking!!



Anonymous said...

OMGosh... I NEVER bake cookies but NOW I want too! lol Carole

Joanne (jojot) said...

Okay....I am impressed.....however I need to know if this is okay for other kinds of doughs....not baking doughs......I am thinking of our difficulty in getting our pierogi dough even.....think it would be fine for that????

By the way.....wish you did live closer as my nephew and his wife are expecting a little girl in July (we are soooo excited) and I would order those pink baby cookies in a second....too cute

Clipping Path said...

This post is absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post