Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fair time challenge

pigshowing copy

Time for another CCEE Stampers challenge! And guess what? I’m the challenge hostess this month!!

The first week in August is my County Fair. So make a card having some object or animal that you would find at the fair. Extra points for using some green on the card as that is the color for 4-H. 4-H is a big part of our fair and the reason I’m there all week long. I was in it for 10 years and now my kids are in it with different projects.

My project today centers around my Cloverbud, my youngest. Each day the Cloverbuds take a tour of a different animal barn at the fair. She was so excited for Wend as that was the Pig Barn tour as she wants to take a pig next year! (She will be old enough next year to be a 4-Her) Of course I took pictures and made a digi scrapbook page! And yes, my background paper is green!

pigshowing copy

She loved “showing” the pig. Thought that was the best part of the tour and is now excited to have a pig next year. She even made a piggy bank using a 2 liter pop bottle with toilet paper rolls for legs for her projects to display at the fair this year. Used tissue paper all over it that was Mod Podged on.


My middle decided to sew this year in 4-H for her sister and got an honorable mention on the outfit!


My son shows llamas (our show is Thursday so as of writing this, I have no clue how he will do). But here are a few more pictures of our week at the fair.

I did enter my Key Lime Cupcakes and they took third place in their category.

Jorden petting a pony during the Cloverbuds tour of the Horse Barn.

A Wild Animal show that was put on for the first few days of the fair.

An alien on the swings.

The Cloverbuds at the llama barn tour, watching my mom spin.

My niece and another 4-H member’s alpaca.


Vicky Gould said...

What a talented family!!! I love that pig TP bank!!! Your scrapbook page is awesome, Amber!

Lois said...

Thanks for sharing your fair visits with us! And congrats on your ribbon for the cupcakes!

Lynn McAuley said...

Thanks for this fabulous trip down memory lane, Amber!! I spent many a day and night at the county fair and loved every minute of it!!

Sensational scrapbook layout! Wishing I had that pig ears headband!

jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

Looks like the Fair is great fun for the whole family!! Congrats to you winners! I love your page with the pig! (I like pigs!)

Liz Williams said...

How wonderful that your kids are involved and participating in all the wonderful opportunities a County Fair offers to its community! Your pictures and scrapbook pages will keep all those fun times in their memories for years to come.

Joanne (jojot) said...

thanks for sharing the pics....made me feell like I was the piggy bank and that fab sewing project.....your cupcakes look deeeelish and your mom is crafty as always......

Sabrina said...

Great layout - and thanks for sharing the extra show photos too, Amber. Your middle daughter is SO like you. Love the pig hat in the layout, and the super-cool piggybank.
When we were in Switzerland last year it was just when the big agricultural show was on, and the special event the day we went was a pig race - fun to watch!!