Monday, July 21, 2014

Llama showing at the Ohio State Fair


It is that time again for my kids… Fair time! Three out of the four are in 4-H and of course we all can’t be in the same club or take the same projects! Jorden is still a Cloverbud and is in a pig club. Allie took sewing this year (Sewing for Others so she made a dress for her sister) and Benjamin stayed with llamas.

This past weekend there was a llama show at the State Fair that the club entered. What follows is pictures of Benjamin and his llama Rainy during the show.

The kids did Youth Judging on the Friday night. Benjamin placed 3rd. Who knows, maybe he’ll become a llama judge when he grows up!


Jorden used another member’s llama for Musical Llama Rugs. She got down to the top 6th and got eliminated.

Jorden took her brother’s llama for the costume contest. A birthday party and a clown. Unfortunately the table kept slipping to the side whenever the llama would walk so she didn’t place.

Close up of the cake. I used MuddPuddles dry sand on the 15!



Benjamin placed 2nd and Gabriel (cousin and fellow club member) placed 1st in Showmanship. Not to shabby considering there were 18 kids in the class!

The girls enjoying some of the show before Leah’s (cousin and club member) next class.IMG_0973

For Rainey's first time showing, she did a good job of letting strangers touch her.IMG_0981


Rainy wanted to stop for a snack but Ben got her through with just maybe one leaf in her mouth.IMG_1003

This is what the llama sees before walking under. Some don’t even it pay attention to the cat and walk right under while others will put the hooves in and have to be dragged through. We had no clue how Rainy would act.

Love how Rainy is looking up at the cat like “you want me to go through THAT?”

Yay! They made it out without Rainy having to be pulled through.

Last obstacle of the day!

Now we are gearing up for our County Fair in 2 weeks where we will spend all day long, all week long with the llamas at but thankfully no costumes!

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