Sunday, June 8, 2014

Money book


There is still time to play in CCEE Stamper’s challenge!

Being a brand new month we have a new challenge hostess which is Anne Harmon. The first Monday in June is Bank Holiday in Ireland.  In honor of our member from the Emerald Isle, please make a card using cash, coins or green.

One of my son’s 5th grade teacher retired this year who also happened to be my teacher when I was in 3rd. I also helped her out a lot this year making copies and grading etc. that I wanted to do something special for her. Looking over Pinterest I found something that could involve both her classes and that still allowed me to use my creative talent. After discussing it with the other teacher she co taught with, I went to work.


I printed out a form to be sent home with each kid asking these 5 different questions:

What will I miss most about being in Mrs. Dill’s class

What I love most about Mrs. Dill is

Mrs. Dill loves me because

My favorite thing Mrs. Dill taught me this year was

What I hope to never forget about this year with Mrs. Dill

Also in the form I asked for each kid for $2.00 or a donation of more if they so wished to be used in the booklet. (I kept none of it for supplies or my time as you will see below)

I typed out each question and kids answer  (without changing the spelling of what the kids had written) and printed them on cardstock. Attached the cardstock to some money envelopes I had and proceeded to make a booklet. A money booklet that is! And since I had so many questions/answers, I had to break it into 3 booklets!


I typed up each “title page” saying:
52 things we love and will miss about Mrs. Dill  
From her last 5th grade classes

The next one says the same but the number was changed to 53 as the bottom one was changed to 77.  Layered the titles and used some pretty pattern paper for the cover page.

The bottom booklet has no money as I had more questions/answers then money. Just the questions/answers on the cardstock attached with rings.

The booklet on the left is showing how it looks as soon as you turn the cover page. No clue that there is any money anywhere. In fact Mrs. Dill was so focused on the questions/answers that when she turned the page, she didn’t even notice the dollar bill above!

But when it was pointed out to her… I wish I had had my camera to have gotten a picture as her face was priceless. Stunned, speechless, floored, surprised and thunderstruck all crossed her face as she realized what she was looking at.  At that time she had only one booklet in her hand so was only thinking $52.00 until we pointed out there was another booklet in the bag which contained $53.00! And then it hit her… she was holding $105.00 in her hands given to her from her students with much love.

A close up of the two pages.

I am so glad I found this idea as I know Mrs. Dill will treasure the books forever and the money was an extra surprise that none of us will ever forget. She has already spent the money on a brand new I phone (finally moving out of the dinosaur age)! We shall miss her at school but wish her a Happy Retirement life!

Now if you are still with me, feel free to head over to the CCEE blog to see what the other gals have made for this challenge.

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jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

What a fab idea this is Amber! TFS!

Lynn McAuley said...

What a fabulous gift for Mrs. Dill. I know she with treasure these books always!

Sabrina said...

I came to see if your white card was here - instead I'll leave a comment on this since I missed it. What a wonderful idea, so worth the time you put into it. I'm sure that long after the money is gone she will treasure all those notes (authentic spelling included).