Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Senior Prom Pictures


Our High School held their prom this past weekend. Our oldest decided to go. Yikes you say as prom can be a very expensive time. Not for us as oldest is very resourceful and borrowed her dress and even told her date not to get a tux but to just wear a suit jacket. Probably the most expensive thing was their dinner and even that they paid for themselves as they have jobs.

So for pictures, she wanted a “gun” picture. Of course being the stinker she is, she didn’t even tell her date what was going to happen.
They both planned this without telling us. I should have known though as she had talked about this kind of pose before.

We headed to the lake and took a few there. Of course I took along my picture frame incase we wanted to use it.

Headed up to take the next shot, I captured this sweet moment between my youngest and her sister’s date.

Of course another Batman pose but in the middle of the road this time.

Then it was on to meeting up with the rest of the group. Here is a few shots from that photo session.

The boys being boys! boys2 
It was just a tad bit windy out as you can tell by their dresses. 
Another parent got this shot as I was unable to. It is a great picture and while it looks like they are praying, they are not……..
and this is how it looked from my position! Yes, I am laying down in the middle of that huddle looking up at the kids. Awkward position for me but a fun picture.

The entire group in finally a “normal” pose. groupshot2

This by far has to be one of my favorite pictures. The girls changed into their spikes and struck a pose.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures and just maybe I have given you a few more ideas on some fun prom poses.


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JD/ Jill said...

Great prom pics...everyone looked so nice...I like how creative some of them are...really fun to look at...