Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 2 - Sweet goodies


Welcome to Day 2 of Teacher Appreciation Week. Today is actually Teacher Appreciation Day so today we have some sweet and not so sweet goodies to share that my kids are taking in for their teachers.

First up is my favorite one by far, Bath Salt Sundaes. All you need is an ice cream cup, bath salts, a bath pouf, a straw and a cherry of course.


I found my cups at Goodwill for 69 cents! Since I wanted them to be able to use the cups again, I lined the inside with plastic wrap before adding the homemade bath salts.  Yes, I said homemade bath salts.

Using a mixture of baking soda, kosher salt and bath beads, I made my own bath salts. Attached a white bath pouf on top of the “ice cream”. Now for the cherry….well it should be a bath bead but I couldn’t find any but I did find Sour Cherry candies so that is what I used!  Attached a little tag to the straw and there you have it… a Bath Salt Sundae.


The tag reads:

This very special sundae,
will leave you feeling great.
It's chock full of good things,
even though it can't be ate.
Take it in the bath with you.
Of course don't take a sip,
cause it may look delicious,
but it's made to take a dip.

Note: place straw in cup before adding bath salts. Can buy bath salts instead of making them. Body Poufs & straws were found at Dollar General for $1.00 each. Candies were found at Family Dollar.


Next we have a special treat for a middle school male teacher. Some Chocolate Coconut Cookies. What makes these so special? No flour or refine sugars are in them which is what this teacher is trying to avoid. Hope he enjoys them.


Here is the recipe I used. Just a little note, if your mixture is a little runny, add some more coconut. I did not try adding the raspberries this time.


Hope you have enjoyed day 2. Don’t forget to come back to see what tomorrow holds!

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Donna Maligno said...

Amber, your sundaes are absolutely adorable! Who wouldn't love receiving one of these?! And that cookie recipe looks divine. Thanks for supplying it!

Anonymous said...

Every day, I look forward to seeing WHAT new goodie you will be making for some lucky teachers! Fun, fun, fun!!!