Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chipotle and some fun

So today was Halloween. Not a big deal in our house as we don’t do trick or treating but do have a Harvest party with our church where the kids are allowed to dress up in non-scary costumes. (That post will come over the weekend after the party as I am still working on costumes)

But I digress. Today is Halloween and Chipotle was running a special: $2.00 burrito if you showed up in costume. Well my oldest and her uncle love Chipotle and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a $2.00 burrito. Only thing was they just found this out last night and had no costumes!  So some quick brainstorming and a few Pinterest boards later this is what they came up with:

Crazy Cat Lady and a Mexican Llama Herderuncleniece

You know what happens when you have too many cats? You have a cat attack! Carmen was getting goofy for the picture taken while waiting for her uncle.

She sure does love her cats.catlady

Close up of Carmen. We put her hair in curlers and added in my mom’s gray hair pieces. This picture just cracks me up.

They said they got quite a bit of stares from those at Chipotle as there wasn’t many at all dressed up! But the kids had fun and a cheap dinner!

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Dawn said...

Hilarious!!! even funnier since she 'loves' cats so much!