Monday, February 13, 2012

My Craft Area Makeover

I am so excited to finally be able to show my craft room off!  I have a little nook in our bedroom that jumped right out at me to be a craft room when we first looked at the house just a year ago. (wow, can’t believe it was just a year ago we were looking to buy our first home!)

Of course I have to show what it looked like before. *shudder*  Warning, the following picture is not pretty and not for ocd eyes!

before Look at that mess!! Someone please give that craft room a makeover!

Drum roll!!!

Ta da! My new craft room!

    Wow!  What a change!  I’m still pinching myself every time I walk into my bedroom!
(k, don’t look at the chair, that still needs an upgrade!)  Front corner section of desk, in top two shelves holds cardstock that the kids can use. The two big drawers houses all my Helmar adhesives and other items.  Filing cabinet on bottom holds Stampin’ UP cardstock that I don’t use as often.

Now for some close up pictures of the area.

stampside         the “stamping” desk, copics, paper,
       top two drawers hold Our Craft Lounge stamps 
      and bottom drawer holds misc stamps.

        The sewing side. Laptop is here while I stamp on the other side, then when I want to sew, I can move the laptop and set up the sewing machine! 
             Ribbons on wall, along with border punches on top,
            Long thin drawers of the desk “leg” hold ink pads, tape and zapdots.

   Drawer holds: Sparkly Fluff n Crafty Sparkles, stickles, 
     distress reinkers, Flower Soft.

side wall where the sideboard use to be. Moved shelf to the side instead of in the middle. 
Cuttlebug and printer station.  The three drawer box holds; top drawer: cuttlebug folders and plates, middle drawer: bling, bottom drawer: more MuddPuddles, emobssing powders, twinkling H2Os and more.

Another filing drawer on the far side for the Stampin’ UP cardstock I use the most. Another 12x12  paper box and the bottom middle holds Magazines, more paper, you name it!

Drawer under the open space holds all my eyelets, brads and some buttons.

holds my punches, some more papers pads and my scrapbook.

  Holds ribbon pieces, buttons, Prismacolor Markers, SU markers and more.

I finally have a place to put scrap pieces of paper!  And yes, I have been using them now!

  this drawer holds my Paper Pretties, Paper and Such and Sweet ‘n Sassy stamps.

This following wall isn’t completed as I would like to put up an inspirational wall decal above the fabric but don’t know when that will happen so for now:

       Saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to
do it as I have so much fabric and I want to be able to see what I have. This still isn’t all of it as I ran out of rings. I still have 3 more boxes of material! (I told you I had a lot!)
 Craftaholics anonymous is where the idea came from. Make sure you go over and check out her awesome craft room!

      another pinterest item I saw.   
   Hubby made this for my birthday. You can find directions at the original maker’s blog, grey luster girl.

So there you have it! My own little happy space! Now if I only had a small fridge, coffee pot and a bathroom, I would never have to come out of my bedroom again!

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Tammylee said...

How fun is your neew room. Did you win the lottery? Love that everything matches.

Starla said...

Came out nice!

Dawn said...

pickled tink for you! looks great! even Mr. Yoder's bday present looks awesome!!

dawnmercedes said...

I love the color! wow...I can't believe how compact you are! outstanding!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Great space!! It's always fun to see other people's areas! May have to clean mine up sometime soon and share pictures as well!

Lisa {grey luster girl} said...

You are one organized lady! About the only thing organized in my craft room is my thread :). So glad you were able to get a thread board from your hubby too!

Roxie said...

Very nice Amber, thanks for all the photos and ideas!