Monday, September 19, 2011

Interactive Caregiving – short article


This will be a short article that highlights Interactive Caregiving: one of the most important and unique services of Comfort Keepers, a
Columbus home health care provider. Before we talk about Interactive Caregiving, what exactly is Comfort Keepers? Glad you asked!

Comfort Keepers

Comfort Keepers is a leading provider of in-home care services, sending compassionate caregivers to the homes of you or your elderly loved ones. When growing older, it sometimes becomes more difficult for seniors to accomplish certain tasks on their own. While it can certainly be a joy to care for an aging parent, grandparent, or other elderly loved-one, many times this care can become too time-consuming or even too difficult for the family. Comfort Keepers provides a great alternative to nursing home care. Caregivers come right out to the homes of seniors, providing friendly, helpful, and professional care, allowing seniors to remain where they are most happy: in the comfort of their own homes!

A Different Kind of Care

One of the most special parts of the care that seniors receive through Comfort Keepers is Interactive Caregiving. Caregivers give seniors a helping hand with tasks like their hygiene, bathing, using the restroom, and other personal needs. Also, caregivers can help seniors by going grocery shopping and helping prepare meals. But what’s so special is that even while proving the highest-quality physical care, with Interactive Caregiving, this is just the beginning.

Caregivers take the time to tell stories and share memories with each client. They make special time to take walks, read aloud to each other, work together on crafts, puzzles, or hobbies, and even going to church or other senior center activities. Caregivers sometimes even dance to music with seniors! Comfort Keepers believes that this unique approach to caregiving goes the extra mile: it is proven that seniors experience much healthier, longer and more purposeful lives as a result of Interactive Caregiving. This is so different from other Columbus home health care providers, who stop at physically caring for the needs of seniors. Comfort Keepers caregivers will work to engage in the life of your elderly loved one to help them enjoy today and to give them a positive outlook on tomorrow.

So if you or an elderly loved one are looking for Columbus home health care, give Comfort Keepers a try!

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