Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Glitter, Knitting and a new car!

So you are probably wonder what all three of those have in common? I ‘wore’ glitter to the dealership and proceeded to knit an entire adult hat while waiting on a new car! LOL Okay, I’ll go back to the beginning of the day…. I had to make hubby cards for his work and had decided to add glitter to them. You know how it is when you work with glitter.. you end up with it all over you. Well hubby wanted to go see about getting a second vehicle for us so we ran down to our favorite dealership, Joseph Airport Toyota, and talked to our favorite rep, James. Now I figured this would take a while (this is not the first time going with hubby to get a car!) and as it is Christmas time, I took my ‘knitting’ with me so I could work on presents. Now I'm not the type that pulls out a craft in any kind of waiting room but I knew I was limited on time so I pulled it out and started knitting. At some point during the evening, James informs me that I have glitter on my face to which i say “i wanted to be festive”. Of course he gave me a hard time about knitting and I gave it right back saying he could knit and sell them in the hallway when he wasn’t busy, etc. I managed to complete an entire hat and finish another project while waiting on him and hubby to get everything settled!

I can’t show you the other project yet that I finished at the dealership as I haven’t given it out yet. In the end we ended up with a reliable vehicle (‘07 Camry) which I'm calling hubby’s Christmas present as he’ll be the one driving it the most.


I decided to use today’s Sketch Challenge259 to make James a Christmas card as hubby had to run back down to the dealership today and we really enjoyed our time last night and how he worked with us to get the best deal possible. I made sure I added LOTS of glitter on it and used an image with snowmen wearing scarves and hats! LOL

Jamescard copy

Today also marked our last story time of the year for my little one. The hat that I made last night was for our children’s librarian, Bev, that does story time. Bev was so kind to sport the hat for the picture.BevJorden
Here is the card I made for Bev. I used Our Craft Lounge, Tweet Winter Wishes. Added some glitter (yeah, I'm on a glitter kick) and some smooch ink on the mittens and hat. Hat is attached with a (Helmar) ZapDot.
And of course at this time of year, there is always a special visitor for the kids. They each got a ‘present’ (coloring book/crayons) and a candy cane from “Mrs.Claus”.


So there you have it… glitter, knitting and a new car!


Donna said...

congrats on the car! cute cards and I am so the type of person who pulls out crafts in waiting rooms (and people's houses and work during lunch and in the car!) I just taught myself to knit - working on a scarf, look fwd to learning how to knit a hat! in fact I just learned to make a crochet beanie and they are fun!! I'm on my 5th one in a week and a half! tfs!

Dawn said...

everything turned out great!!

from: the sitter