Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Unexpected Exciting News!

Back in '07 I sent in a few cards to a RubberStampMadness for possible publication. They picked up one but not the other. Fast forward to last month and getting an email asking a few question about the lonely card. Much to my surprise they are publishing it in their Holiday Issue.

Yesterday we got the mail and there was an envelope the size of a magazine. I looked at the return address and thought "hmmm they must have changed their names to Vamp Stamp News." But upon looking at it, none of the cards were Christmas like what I was having published. Still puzzled but knowing I had to be in it because why would I get a magazine when I don't subscribe to it......

And there on the Back Cover was my card!! I had sent it in some time last year and never heard a word from them so figured it hadn't been picked up. What a nice surprise that was to get. And here are a few pictures of the magazine with my card.



Karen said...

Congratulations Amber!! What a fantastic surprise!!! Now that is happy mail!! :>

imastampin said...

Well congratulations! I can't believe you sent it in so looooooong ago though. lol

janice said...

well deserved,i am so happy for you!


Susan (rainy) said...

Awesome!! Congrats, Amber. Love the card!