Friday, August 14, 2009

4-H Rosette winner and Garden Pictures

Both my girls are in 4-H, Allie took Sewing and Home Improvement while Carmen only took llamas. She is showing today at the fair which is also the last day of the fair. I’m betting she sleeps all weekend as she was at the fair late all week keeping an eye on the llamas.

Allie got her first Rosette this year and it was on her Home Improvement project. She altered a picture frame (which I forgot to get a picture of) and altered a white board into a ribbon board.  She found jean material in my material stash that was just the right weight. She then picked out white ribbon, pink primas and I pulled out my Flamingo brads and Helmar 450 Adhesive for her to use. We didn’t have to buy a single thing for her projects which was good as the theme this year for 4-H was  “Go Green”!

Here is her project hanging up at the fair. She had to fill it with pictures that had her in it of course! Can you believe it is all held together by Helmar 450?! She putting batting in the middle to give it some poof, the brads go through the ribbon into the material. All in all I thought she did a good job and she was excited that she won her first Rosette (and got an extra $3.00 for it!! lol).

Went up to our garden yesterday (we plant at my mom’s as we have a little yard here in town) and took some pictures of Jorden’s,3, sunflowers she planted. 

Here she is standing in front of her sunflower that is OVER 9 ft tall!!DSCF2940

All the sunflowers in a row. Funny how they are not all blooming at the same time when they were all planted at the same time. The jungle in the background is our garden.

I love how this picture turned out. I was laying on the ground and zoomed in to get it. This is the 9+ footer sunflower.

Over in mom’s garden, a volunteer pumpkin is growing. What is so funny is that it’s growing in with the tomatoes and grew right up in the tomato cage! (and yes her tomato plants are that big)

Here is from inside the tomato cage.


Starla said...

your sunflower pic is great!!

Dawn said...

love the sunflower/sky pic! lol Bandit! and that silly pumpkin!!