Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures '08

Every year we take turns hosting Christmas where we have brunch and presents are exchanged. This year was at my sister's house. Only the kids got presents this year and only from Ouma and Oupa.

Uncle Timothy passing out presents to all the kids.

Jorden (2) and cousin Leah (3) playing afterwards.

All the cousins. What a fun time this was to try to get all of them looking at the camera! Ages 12, 10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2! (yeah, we like to keep them close in age ;) lol)

Their Uncle Jared is outside with his nose stuck up against the window that is right behind us photographers.

The Lusk family, my parents/brothers/sister.
back row l-r: Lloyd, Dawn (parents), Caleb (3rd), Jared (baby of the family). Front row: Timothy (4th), Jennifer (2nd), Myself (1st)

The Hillman family.

Oupa and Ouma with the 9 grandkids!

There you have it. A look into my crazy family life! lol And i know I'm crazy as we are taking the kids (just our kids that is) shopping tomorrow!!


fishlips said...

Wow what a crew....what wonderful pictures.... Wow oh wow what a crew......There is a bunch of
looks like everyone is so happy all full of smiles!!!!!

jennifer said...

Lovely photos! Hope you had a wonderful holiday :)

Tessa said...

looks like fun!

Cindy Lawrence said...

What a gorgeous family you have, Amber! Hope you survived the shopping trip! {grin}

Starla said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed the family get together!

jen said...

Amber, it looks like you all had a wonderful time! Merry Christmas!

Louise, that's me!! said...

Awesome pictures, I love that you take the family photos, great Idea and one I will do next year.

Sharie said...

What fun pictures! We should do family pictures every Christmas. I guess we don't have as many cousins as your crew does!
The pic of Jordan and Leah is adorable!