Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BrainWave Challenge #5 and Family Pictures

It's time for Ashley's Brainwave Challenge. This is #5 and is a sketch. Use BCW5 if you upload to SCS. Also post back here so I can check out your card. I have lost my mojo so no card from me today but check out Ashley, Michele and Kristin's blogs for their samples. And remember, you don't have to have Treehouse Stamps to play along.

We went away this past weekend to visit some friends and attend their daughter's college graduation. (Think this is where I lost my mojo... a whole weekend without stamping!) Since we were all dressed up from going to the graduation, I had a family pictures taken much to the dismay of my family! (It could have been cause it was raining outside!! lol)

We wanted to have just the two of us in the picture but little Miss Jorden wouldn't let me put her down.
Can you tell me where we went for the weekend by this picture? I know it's not the best but this was as close to the field that the public was allowed to get! Everyone was taking pictures of the field with their cell phones. Last time we were up there (2yrs ago) for their oldest daughter's graduation, we sat in the stadium as that is where the ceremony was held. But since they are tearing it down, they held the ceremonies a little different this time. The room we were in just happen to exit out to these doors! Just a little piece of history I had take a picture of.

If anyone finds my mojo, please send it back!!


Anonymous said...

Nice family photos.....